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CJ Membership 2016

This January, Celine Jessandra School of Music and Dance will be launching our 2016 membership program for all our students. Enjoy great perks and privileges each and every month with the membership program, and receive our registration pack when you sign up!

Receive the 2016 edition of the membership card that commemorates our 10th Year in business. Decked in a sleek black design, use this card for all your membership privileges as well as upcoming promotions with our affiliate partners.

The registration pack also includes a Celine Jessandra T-shirt and Towel to get you started. Enjoy 5% off all classes through a 1-year period be it for Dance or Vocal lessons. (*terms and conditions apply)

We'll also get you started with $20 worth of free credits you can use for any courses, and that's not forgetting the amazing birthday deals and discounts you'll be getting for your birthday month!

For all members, we'll have monthly deals and privileges, as well as upcoming promotions with our partners.

So, what are you waiting for? Become a Celine Jessandra Member today!

For more information or clarification on the CJ Membership Program, e-mail to hello@celinejessandraschool.com or call us at 6254 0702 now!

Come Join the Community [The Celine Jessandra Society]

Dear students of CJ,

We are pleased to announce the launch of 'The Celine Jessandra Society', a Facebook Community Group that centers around providing a supportive and engaging setting, where individuals like yourself are welcome to share, inspire and experience new things with regards to anything interesting under the sun!

This group will also be a great opportunity to grow closer, and to know the team at Celine Jessandra better.  

1) Simply look for the group 'The Celine Jessandra Society' via your Facebook account
2) Click for access to join, and once our Admins or Moderators verifies your account, they'll provide the access for your account
3) We do welcome our overseas friends as well, so simply click for access as well.
4) We might ask you a few questions to prove that you're not a spam-bot.

*The group and its posts are created in the spirit of sharing, so feel free to post your own experiences and stories
*We will not tolerate rude or mean-spirited posts and comments, and your access to the page might be revoked
*While the group page is run by the Celine Jessandra team, this page is not a customer service channel. For personal concerns, do contact us at our e-mail account - hello@celinejessandra.com

i) Have plenty of fun!
ii) Spam will be deleted
iii) Be kind to each other!
iv) No selling of Merchandise or Promotion of Businesses here

For more information or details, feel free to call, whatsapp, or e-mail!

Let's keep it simple, have fun, and we're looking forward to having everyone join us!

The Celine Jessandra Management

Join us at Ngee Ann City this 22nd and 23rd December!

Revel in a Christmas Wonderland with us this holiday season! 

We're really psyched to be a part of the Christmas celebrations at Ngee Ann City this year. It's going to be non-stop entertainment with both vocal and dance performances, as well as an item featuring our very own Kids Class students, dancing along to popular Christmas carols!

with Teacher Riana!

 Here are the details!

Date: 22nd December 2015, Tuesday 
Time: 9.30 - 10pm
Venue: Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza 

Date: 23rd December 2015, Wednesday
Time: 8 - 8.30pm 
Venue: Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza

If you'll be along Orchard Road this 22nd and 23rd December doing some final Christmas shopping or just soaking in the cheery Christmas atmosphere, do drop by the Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza to catch our show! :D

Have a good Christmas!

CJ's new Street Jazz Open Class with Akif!

We have an exciting new addition to our Dance Open Classes!

For those who enjoy something sassy and sexy, our new Street Jazz open class is perfect for you.

Combining elements of Hip Hop and Jazz, Street Jazz consists of fun and highly energetic dance moves that will improve your overall strength and flexibility, and push you to be more versatile. Often danced to commercial pop music and featuring strong, sassy beats, bring out your inner fierceness in this class!

Day/Time: Every Sunday 1pm

*For existing students, you can use your Open Class packages for this class. For new students, no pre-registration is required, just head down to our studio 5-10 minutes before the class starts to sign up and register with us (:

Here's a short preview of what to expect in the class:

About our instructor - AKIF!

Akif is a veteran dancer within the K-Pop scene, having led his team, Starre Seconds, to place within the top 3 in numerous K-Pop dance competitions since 2010. Most recently, they were champions at SGKPOPCON 2015, earning themselves the honour of representing Singapore at K-Pop Festival 2015 in Korea, where they clinched 2nd place out of 11 finalists. Their work has also been noticed and acknowledged by recognized dancers, such as ReQuest Dance Crew and CL from 2NE1! Akif was also a member of Limited Edition, champions of this year's Super 24 Dance competition. 

Instagram: mynameisakif

Because, Love.

Yesterday and Today, we welcomed 2 groups of student leaders to CJ. This was for a SG50 Female Leaders Digital Stories feature.

What I loved about the whole experience, was how we managed to not only share our love for what we do, but in the short amount of time with them, I witnessed how our passion resonated with the young ones. And that moved me. 

I don't relish the spotlight. I am a firm believer in sharing the spotlight and giving "airtime" to my talents (whom I am always excited to share with the world). Yesterday, I was happy to have Jojo and Alicia with me for the segment.

The Rainbow Unicorn

Having known her from Miss Korea, the students were full of admiration for Jojo at first sight. A lot of "ooh-ing" and "ah-ing" went on. Jojo always coolly takes it in her stride. She is focused. She knows what I want, expects and she delivers. We have an unspoken chemistry. When we work together, I have ideas and she brings them to life. That's how our magic gets done.

The (dark horse) Stallion

Alicia, on the other hand is quiet, calm and slightly more reserved (I love that about her), until she sings. Her voice moves hearts. Alee (as I call her) is the stallion of my team. And just like I had hoped, I witnessed first hand yesterday, how the students who were total strangers to her, (had their hearts) melt after listening to her sing. While she has a way to go, I cannot wait for everyone to see and hear what I do.

Outside the studio, Jojo was waving her hands in the air and helping to film her.

And this is what I love about my people. They are the epitome of a Team.

Endowed with different gifts, they know the need to be humble and to learn from one another. Challenging each other means inspiring one another to be better than they were. Being supportive and looking out for one another has come naturally to them.

And in essence, LOVE is what we embody. Love, passion and obsession (for the arts), coupled with Love for one another.

They asked me, "Why did you start Celine Jessandra?"

Because, Love. 

Credits: with love from one of my little sheep studying in Korea, Ilyna. Thank you! ^_^
with the lovely message:

2015년 11월 26일 오후 4시 반 쯤: 우리 사랑하는 "예술가족"이당!! ㅎㅎ Dedicating my artistic creation on "First Snow" Day to my beloved CJ family back in Singapore~ Kekeke I hope you guys are all doing well in Singapore!!!^^ ���������� 

[PROMO] Get $10 back for every class missed even if you're heading overseas this December!

This December, travel without worry as we offer $10 off every class you'll be missing!

December is the universal travelling period, as we pack our bags and jetset off to as many countries as we can! As many of you prepare your year-end retreats, don't worry about missing out on classes because of your travel plans! 

As many of our classes only receive a limited run, we understand that many of you might be unable to attend your desired MV classes, or learn your favourite songs!

With our Travel Rebate Initiative, receive $10 back for every affected class during this festive period, and worry no more about being overseas!!

Just sit back and relax. We've got you covered. 

* The Travel Rebate Initiative is only applicable for MV Courses
* The Travel Rebate Initiative is only claimable during the months of November and December 2015
* Amount claimed will only be returned in the form of CREDITS
* Each Individual is only able to claim up to 2 sessions for each MV Course
* Credits will need to be used within 3 months of promotions end
* Tutorials for every missed class will still be provided to the student upon request
* The Individual will have to show proof of travel should it be required


Dear Students, 

After 2 weeks into the launch of our new registering/reservation system, we're happy to announce we've heard your feedback, and have made slight tweaks to the system to better, and more efficiently serve your needs. :)

If you're new to the system, please read on. If you're already registered, do read on as well to see how these further changes will affect your signing up of our classes!

Here is a summary of what you can do to get started on your way to signing up for your next class!

We'll start of with the most notable change! For new students, please read on further to get started!



*EDIT: We will NO LONGER require students to have the full amount of credits in their account before reserving a slot for MV classes. Hence, you can still follow the infographic below, but do ignore the pre-requisites for reserving classes at the moment!

  • For first-timers, you can have our counter staff assist you step-by-step in reserving your MV class. Do remember you'll have to have an account, which our staff can help you create over the phone!
  • Select your desired course under the enrolment tab. You should be able to choose from the full list of upcoming classes. Each will be listed with the START / END date, DAY & TIME and NO. OF SESSIONS! Got it? Now click on the course you simply cannot wait to join!
  • EDIT: You will now no longer require the full amount of credits to book your course of choice. Yes! We've heard you. You can now reserve your slots via the following methods
    • Via calling our Front Desk at 6254 0702 / 9732 7302
    • Via your own account from the comforts of your own home
    • E-mail reservations can also be done, but you will have to provide us with your account name and preferred class
  • Once reservations begin, the class will be confirmed with the minimum number of 10 students. It is at this point that we will require students to make their course payments to confirm their slots. Unpaid slots will be released to individuals on the waiting list - of course we'll drop you a call beforehand though!
  • Disclaimer: Students who often reserve but fail to turn up for class will be highlighted and priority may no longer be provided for them during the reservation of classes! It's a hard decision to make, but a necessary one - Thank you for your kind understanding!
  • Online registrations will close 10 days before the MV courses' commencement. Any reservations done within the 10 day period will have to be done via PHONE or at our STUDIOS
*Once a student has made payment for a specific class, there will be a penalty of $25.00 for change of course. For withdrawals, the non-refundable policy will remain!  

The payment options available are as follows: 

      • Transfer the required amount to DBS Current Account 047-902349-6.
      • Email hello@celinejessandra.com with the following information:
        1. Full Name as per Payer's Account
        2. Mode of Payment: [iBanking / ATM Transfer: For ATM transfer, please also attach a snapshot of receipt]
        3. Payer's Account Number
        4. Transaction Reference Number
        5. Total Amount Transferred
        6. Course being paid for
        7. Date & Time Transfer
      • Upon receipt of the course fees, you will receive an email confirmation from us informing you about your successful enrollment in the course.

      • You can pay in person at our school premises. We accept cash, NETS, and cheque!
      • We will enroll you into the MV course on the spot once payment has been completed.

*Do take note that enrolment will be first-come-first-served based on payment status, so do hurry when reserving your slot! (:


*This new system is now in effect, so do call our hotline, or ask our counter staff for any forms of assistance

We will still require all Dance students [both existing and new students] to create an account with us! 

Creating the account is an extremely easy process, and will only take up a minute of your time (: 

1. From our website, click on the "LOG IN" button located at the TOP RIGHT section of the page, or follow this link: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/home?studioid=257747

* Our Front Desk may have already created an account for some of you! All you need to do is click "This is Me!" and verify your phone number, then proceed to create a log-in for yourself. 

* Feel free to approach our Front Desk for assistance at any time, and our staff will guide you through the registration process (: 


*Open dance classes are the ongoing weekly street dance classes!

  • For first-timers, you can have our counter staff assist you in the picking and arranging of your first open class! After making your payment, you will be able to choose from a series of packages to best suit your needs and schedule!
  • We do have a few different packages for you to choose from! Please enquire with our amazingly helpful counter staff for more details!
  • If you're on our SOLO FLEXI or BUDDY Packages, we do strongly encourage you to reserve your slots beforehand in order to ensure your place in the class before its full! Open classes will be open for reservations all the way until its commencement. [unless the class reaches the maximum quota] 
  • Alternatively, our front desk can also help to sign you in before each class should you forget to reserve your slot! However, do note that if the class is FULL, we will unfortunately be unable to place you in the desired class for the day!
  • Walk-in or Single Class students will not be required to sign up online. You will simply need to head down to our studio before the class starts to make payment! However, do call to check if classes are full for the day - just in case!

*Cancellation Policy: For open classes, students will not be allowed to cancel their booking from 2 hours before the class commences.


If you have any questions on how the new system works, please do not hesitate to approach our Front Desk for assistance at any time! We will be more than happy to explain how it works and guide you through the new systems in place (: 

Thank you!



Dearest CJ Students, 

The End-of-Year School Holidays are coming up, and we're sure the rest and relaxation will be a welcome relief after all the currently ongoing stress of exam preparation!

If you're on the look-out for something fun to fill those long and restless afternoons, or if you're afraid of feeling bored at home without anything to entertain yourself with, why not head down to CJ to join us at our Holiday Workshops, specially planned to add that extra bit of excitement to your afternoons this November and December! 


K-Pop MV Workshops

Kids K-Pop MV Workshop

Date: 24 / 25 / 26 November 2015 (Mon - Wed)
Time: 2 - 3.30 PM 

K-Pop, with their wide array of catchy, child-friendly tunes, is a great way to engage your child in music and dance! By getting your child dancing along to several of K-Pop's iconic Music Video dance moves, they get to expend their restless energy in a fun, healthy and holistic way! 

Ladies K-Pop MV Workshop

Date: 26 / 27 November 2015 (Thurs - Fri)
Time: 3.30 - 5.30 PM

Specially for the Ladies (although guys are welcome as well!), this workshop features popular K-Pop Girl Group songs, such as Girls Generation, Hyuna, Sistar, AOA and more! Offering you a variety of dance styles within the K-Pop Girl Group music genre, get in touch with all the various facets of your feminine side: sexy and sensual, sweet and girlish, or fiercely confident.

F(x) - 4 Walls
Twice - Ooh Ahh
Hyuna - Because I'm the Best
Sistar - Shake It
SNSD - You Think
AOA - Heart Attack

*Subject to change

Beginner K-Pop MV Workshop

Date: 1 / 2 December 2015 (Tues - Wed)
Time: 3 - 5.30 PM

For first-time dancers, this workshop is a good start for you! Using the trademark "hook" choreographies (one of the definitive aspects of K-Pop) of trendy K-Pop songs such as Bang Bang Bang and Rhythm Ta, allow yourself to get used to basic Hip Hop groove, and take your first steps toward building a stronger dance foundation!

Big Bang - Bang Bang Bang iKON - Rhythm Ta GOT7 - Just Right VIXX - Love Equation / Chained Up BTS - Tomorrow Infinite - Back GD&Taeyang - Good Boy

*Subject to change

Intermediate K-Pop MV Workshop

Date: 16 / 17 December 2015 (Wed - Thurs)
Time: 3 - 5.30 PM

For more experienced dancers, have a blast learning exciting new choreographies from all the most popular K-Pop groups in this Intermediate K-Pop MV Workshop! Featuring the likes of EXO,  BTS, Infinite and GOT7, challenge yourselves to execute those slick, sharp moves with the same ease and poise as your idols!


Hip Hop

Introduction to Hip Hop 

Date: 9 / 10 / 11 December 2015 (Wed - Thurs)
Time: 3 - 4.30 PM

For those completely new to dance, join us as we take you through the fundamentals of bounces, body isolations, waves and more, in this workshop specially catered to guide individuals along their initial forays into Hip Hop dance! A proper technical foundation is a great step towards improving as a dancer, and will help you execute choreography with greater ease, or gain more confidence in moving your body and dancing freestyle. 



Introduction to Vocals

Date: 3 / 4 December 2015 (Thurs - Fri)
Time: 2 - 5 PM

Our vocal program offers a combination of vocal technique and vocal science, serving to provide each individual with the personalised attention and application of technique requisite in their growth as vocalists! In this workshop, learn the fundamentals of singing, under the guidance of our in-house instructors, all of whom are passionate about singing and eager to accompany you along your singing journey!


We're really excited about these upcoming holiday workshops, and we hope you're equally excited! To register, email us with your name and contact number at hello@celinejessandra.com or call us at 6254 0702 / 9732 7302 now! (: 

New Class(es) Registration System for CJUC Students

Dear Students,

We are pleased to announce that come November, CJUC will be upgrading our class reservation system to help us serve you better.

An online automated system that allows you to track all your classes as well as book them with ease. All students will be required to have an account with us, prior to signing up for classes.

Stay tuned as we'll furnish you with more details in the coming week, with guides on how you can get started on our new system.

Celine Jessandra

The New Black. Pre-order the brand new Black CJ-Tee today!

With many students clamouring for our old Black CJ Tee [which was a limited edition piece for our 2011 concert], we're proud to present our new design, in time for our 9th year anniversary! 

Designed to encompass a slightly rustic and vintage look, the Black CJUC tee also shows dashes of red to represent fire, passion and love!

With a limited quantity available this time round [same as before], we'll be opening up pre-orders for you early birds to get your hands on them!

Simply email to hello@celinejessandra.com today with your name, preferred size and quantity required!

Black is the new black.