Saturday, March 07, 2009

OPEN HOUSE 2009 was a Blast! THANK YOU!


We would like to thank everyone for making Open House 2009 such a blast! It was AWESOME man! Hope you guys had alot of fun (as I did)! 

We will be uploading pics and vids of everyone (as soon as we can)! You can also share your videos and pictures by uploading them on face book page (and tagging us!) ^^!

Once again, here's a BIG "THANK YOU! ^^" to the following performers:

Clement Shermin Yixian Allison Sarah
Josephine Diyana Wallis Kelly Yiru
Charlene Geraldine Limei Melissa Shixuan
Kimberly Siti Farah Wanling Yuzhen Yimin
Samuel Desiree Jessica Mabel Gwen
Amos Yunfang Jinfaye
Samantha WeiXin
FangZhi Mattie
Ming Quan    &
Yonghui Afiq

Thank you so much for working so hard during the rehearsals and putting on such a fab show! We would also like to thank all the parents, friends and visitors who made CJ Open House 2009 such a wonderful success! 

We hope you've enjoyed yourselves! If you did, give us a Shout Out on our Tag board! ^^

Once again, thank you (감사합니다.) *bows*

Special thanks to my darling charlene who was the pillar behind this project. *hugz*

Cheers! ^^


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