Sunday, June 28, 2009

Celine Jessandra @ SHINE FESTIVAL 2009

Dear CJ Family and Friends!

Yesterday was our annual performance at SHINE's Opening Ceremony 2009 [we hope to make it an annual event for us! *hint* to SHINE's Organizing Committee =)]

It was a blast! We would like to thank all parents and friends and family members who came down to support us at the event. It was definitely a bustling festival and all the CJ Performers were intrigued by the Cosplayers! I know I was!

Special thanks to the pretty emcee, the professional sound guys and the 2 unidentified young lads who bravely fought the crowds as runners for the performers! (I didn't get your names nor a chance to thank you after the show!) If you're all reading this, from all of us at CJ, "Gamsa hamnida. (Thank you.)" *bows*

Of course a big THANK YOU to my darling Performers! For all the hard work and effort put in, and definitely a special mention for the coolest, prettiest and our favourite Dance Instructor - Clare Tay for the KILLER Choreography (is that how you use the word? ha ha eg. "She killed it man." ) and the time and effort she put in into directing the item. Thanks Clare! *GROUP Hug*

A special thank you to Kim Kim's Mommy and Daddy who helped us with the pics and vids! ^^ Thank you Mr and Mrs Chia!

Thank you one and all! We hope you enjoyed the show!

One down. One more to go.. Next up. Charlene's One Million Star 5 at Kallang Leisure Park. The CJ Team will be there supporting her. Will you? =)

If you are interested in joining us, please wear our Team colour WHITE and head down to Kallang Leisure Park at 2 plus, the team will be in their CJ shirts! =) Hwaiting!

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