Monday, August 24, 2009

Overseas Training Program - KOREA

Hi guys!

We have decided on the Overseas Training Program to KOREA!

You will undergo Vocals and Dance Training under renowned Korean and (maybe Japanese) Vocal and Dance Instructors. We are hoping to throw in a Studio Recording Session with producers who will be auditioning you during your recording process as well!

In addition! We will be organizing a Ski Trip and Hot Spring on top of the rigorous singing and dance training to Yong Pyong!

You will be presented with a certificate at the end of the trip, in recognition of your training under these instructors. Please note that the classes will be conducted as group classes.

It will be lotsa hard work, fun , play and one heck of an experience!

We hope to be able to organize this during the Nov / Dec '09 period, so please include your preferred travel dates! The package that will be quoted excludes personal expenditure - eg. food, shopping, taxi (if you do late night shopping!)

For those who are interested, please email us:

1. Your name
2. Contact number
3. Age (Those under 18 require parental consent)
4. Preferred dates (for travel)

and we will contact you with more details of the trip including the total package fee!

Email to:

Limited Places available. There will be translators who will help translate during the classes.

We look forward to having all of you join us for this trip!


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valerieee said...

what f we're interested in the dance training and cant sing?