Monday, September 07, 2009

NEW MTV DANCE CLASSES! (Part of September Specials!)

Hello! An-Nyeong Ha Se Yo! ^^

For our new MTV Dance Classes, currently here are those leading in votes:

1. Mirotic - DBSK
2. Why I Like You - Super Junior
3. I Hate You - 2pm

For all classes details are as follows:

Fees: SGD $90.00 (part of September Specials!)
Total no. of Sessions: 8 Sessions
Duration: 1 hour per session

Please reply under Comments, your preferred timeslot and day as well as the dance class which you would like to attend. We will try to cater to all of you as much as we can!

Thanks and Cheers!


im ME......alwaiz said...

Mirotic - DBSK

Time and date: Weekends, anytime.


Anonymous said...

DBSK- Mirotic

Hopefully Saturday, anytime(:
Thanks :D

Celine Jessandra said...

Hello! Thank you for informing us! We will make the necessary arrangements! Any particular preference for commencement date? =)

im ME......alwaiz said...

Next weekend would be good...or thereafter. Thanks.

carmen~lovess said...

Mirotic or why i like you would be fine.

can it be on weekends preferrably after 1 or 2?

Anonymous said...

Mirotic - DBSK
Preferably Weekends!

Anonymous said...

can we start on october?

Celine Jessandra said...

Okay Noted! We are already planning for the classes! Please email us your names and preferred day(s) and timing(s)! =)

jungyunnie said...

I Hate You - 2PM

Weekends afternoon.

Commencement preferably early October? (:

Celine Jessandra said...

Our saturdays are currently packed. Do you guys mind having the classes on SUnday? =)

im ME......alwaiz said...

Sundays are cool~

Starshelle said...

DBSK - Mirotic!x3

Sundays are fine:D

carmen~lovess said...

sundays are alright! best around noon!

Anonymous said...

Sunday around 2pm would be preferred!
can we start in oct?

Anonymous said...


sat preferably in the evening please!

Anonymous said...

sunday morning since sat is packed.

j-lovedisease said...

around when will the lessons start? i would love to join but im having o levels ):