Tuesday, December 29, 2009

CJ 3rd Anniversary Concert - a SUCCESS! =D

Hello Everyone~! ^^

CJ's 3rd Ann Concert was a HUGE SUCCESS! And I have so many people to thank, that I hope all of you will bear with me. =)

First and foremost, I would like to thank my Performers~

Josephine (CJ Darling - for her amazing showmanship. You are such a STAR!),
Clement (CJ Big Bro - for doing all the background work, for making everyone swoon with your amazing voice! and for being everyone's pillar of support! ^^),
Kimberly (CJ Baby - for lighting up our stage with your wide smiles and star quality),
Samantha (for taking up the role of 2nd in Command so fantastically and for being the best CJ Big Sis that any CJ hoo bae could have),
Sheena (for being the Perfectionist she is in making sure that every effort is put into making the show a Perfect one),
Tracy (for her amazing style and expansive wardrobe),
Carmen (for being the best Nanny anyone can find, for being great with hands on stuff and for taking care of everyone including me! *hugz*)
Jessica AKA Cocohusk (for entertaining us! 24/7 and making our lives a PARTYYYY everyday!),
Jiayi (for being the sweetest and most endearing darling junior I can have.)
Diyana (for her entertaining MV dances and for being a quiet pillar in the group)
Felicia (for being our cutest and most sensitive mini eyes dancer!)
K-tyn (for eventually pulling off her solo item and making me proud.^^)
Amos (for helping out with the hairstyles)

Yanting (for flying back in time to sing for laoshi again! ^^ So happy to have you back dear!)
Charlene (for believing in me and for standing by me all this while, as well as for having such an amazing voice!)
Tiffany (for performing for laoshi, you are one steady singer dear! well done!)
Mattie (For growing up to be the best emcee I can ask for. Continue to get better and you'll definitely go far. ^^)
Kelvin (for being such a pillar among the singers and for being such a pillar for me. ^^ I know I can always count on you!)
Jit Yew (for the entertaining dance you showcased during the after-party. heh heh)
Peijun (for her nice voice tone that was praised by many. but techniques need brushing up on! ha ha)
Aloysious, Juin Chyi, Xiao Yi, Huiqing, Nigel, Darren, Jocelyn, Claudia, Weilin, Tricia, Lihern, Joan, Natalie, Hilda, Amanda, Jaclyn, Lina, Javis, May Yee, Erena, Weilyn!

(for putting up great performances! I hope you guys will continue to grow with us and who knows, you may be selected to perform with the CJ Performing Group or we'll just continue our run for CJ's 2010 Concert! ^^)

Wenny (For her amazing lighting skills and unending patience with Me! and her Big Big Heart for helping us sooo much! *hugz*)
Ivy (For taking over backstage stuff with carmen! thanks babe!)
Sherlene (For working hard to make sure everything is magically in place during the concert!)
Lynette (The one who has potential in editing videos! Thanks dear for all the vids and for helping out upstairs! ^^)
Crystal, Felicia, May (for helping out with errands, goodie bags, props and all the stuffs!)
My sister (for helping out with ticketing)

My Mommy and Daddy for being so supportive during the Korea trip as well as during the concert. =) *hugz*
Clement's Mommy and Family! For buying so many tickets!
Kimberly's Mommy and Daddy for always supporting us! For all the vids and pics they have helped provide us with as well as for buying so many tickets!

Our sponsors!

Ricky! -- Parisilk
Polished Nail Divas
Fie Japan
Sheena Tan

Thank you so much for your generous support! =)

CJ would like to thank all Mommies and Daddies, friends, families for their continuous support and unending love!

We hope to continue improving our art and to put up more exciting performances in the years to come!

Do continue to check out our blog to follow up on our latest happenings!

Here's wishing one and all a Happy New Year ahead!

Celine Jessandra

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