Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January & February New Classes!!

Hello Everyone!
As promised, here are our new upcomi
ng MTV workshops!
2009 Korean Pop had been dominated by va
rious existing and new girl groups, and we've received several feedback regarding which MTV classes we should open. So here are the MTV workshops we're launching!

(*Note to Students: As the MTV Combos and Classes are proving to be very popular, priority will be given to students who come down to the school to register and make payment. Places are on a first come first serve basis.)

Girls MTV Combo Special
Brown Eyed Girls - Sign, 4minute - Musik, f(x) - Chu~, Kara - Mister, Afterschool - Because of You, CL & Minzy - Please Don't Go
Every Saturday 5pm - 6.30pm
$150 for 8 sessions / 1.5hrs
Commencement date: Tentatively 30th Jan 2010

Into the New World, Gee, Genie, Girls' Generation
Every Saturday 1pm - 2pm

$120 for 8 sessions / 1hr
Commencement Date: 20th Feb 2010
(Filling up fast!)---

Taeyang - Wedding Dress
Every Saturday 3pm - 4pm
$90 for 8 sessions / 1hr
Commencement Date: 6th Feb 2010

Instructor: Erwin (Danz People)


Taeyang - Where You At (To be replaced by Ring Ding Dong)

SHINee - Ring Ding Dong

Every Sunday 1pm - 2pm
$90 for 8 sessions / 1hr
Commencement Date: To be Confirmed

Instructor: Jojo---
SHINee - JoJo
Every Sunday 12pm - 1pm
$90 for 8 sessions / 1hr
Commencement Date: 21st Feb 2010

We're happy to inform students that our 1-For-1 Korean Hip Hop and Hip Hop Dance Promotions are still on! We've decided to extend the promotion to 31st Jan! =)

1-For-1 Korean Hip Hop Dance Promotion
$150 for 2 pax, 10 sessions each
Tuesday - 7.30pm - 8.30pm (Commenced! Open for Registration!)
Friday - 7.30pm - 8.30pm (Full!)
Saturday - 11am - 12pm (Full!)
Sunday - 3pm - 4pm (Full!)
1-For-1 Hip Hop Dance Promotion
$150 for 2 pax, 10 sessions each
Wednesday - 7pm - 8pm (Open Class! You can join any time!)

Do join us!

CJ Family! ^^
Please call us at 6254 0702 to sign up. Limited Places available. First come first serve basis only.
Or Email us at aspire@celinejessandra.com with your names, contact nos., and the class you wish to sign up for.

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