Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Dear students of CJ,

Thank you so much for all the support that you've shown us so far! I feel so happy that there are so many of you taking up dancing and singing. =)

Whether it's a form of recreation, as a hobby or a possible career opportunity for all of you in the near future, I am excited that performing arts in Singapore is finally going places.

It is not easy to excel in both singing and dancing, but not impossible.

Many of you from CJ would already be familiar with the amazing performances put up by our favourite Korean singers and groups. They make singing and dancing look so easy! While it may be so, (to those who are attuned to it) it takes years of hard-work and training to execute such performances perfectly.

We hope to be able to groom young potentials to excel in the area of Sing and Dance. Students should also start training from a young age. We hope to provide performance opportunities as we have consistently done so for our Artistes and dance crew to more students.

To encourage more students to give Sing and Dance a shot, we have decided to open up new classes as well as make it more affordable for students. =) Find out more here.


CJ began our 1-for-1 Hip Hop Dance Promotion last year in a bid to encourage more of you to come forward to learn dance without having to worry too much about costs. We have received overwhelming responses from all of you! Thank you. =)

With that, we hope to introduce more of such classes while instilling some new changes to them!

1. Our 1-for-1 Basic Hip Hop classes will be split into two different levels. - Basic 1 & Basic 2

--> This is to facilitate students who have finished their first level of training, to progress and continue their learning of dance into the next level.

--> Students with dance background, can also go directly into a higher level of learning while revising some basic techniques.

CJ will be having more and more events and performance opportunities for students! We are always on the lookout for new talents! =)

Also, Congratulations to those who have made it through Project U.P. Cycle 2 this year! Welcome to the family!

Do note that CJ Open House 2010 will be taking place this coming 26th June (Saturday)! Do look out for more details on it!

I hope to see more of you around!


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