Friday, July 16, 2010

CJ is on Teens magazine for the month of July!

CJ's Director, Celine doing a feature interview with Teens magazine! (July Issue)
Stand a chance to win CJ vouchers worth $150!
Grab one copy now if you haven't already!

Visit Teens' website to find out more about how you can win CJ vouchers!


Anonymous said...

CJ - Cool!

Never would have thought that I am able to dance in my life!

Until I came to CJ. Even though I still can't dance beautifully, for sure, I am able to enjoy steps along with music, after merely 3 sessions!

As a matured student, it is very tough for the instructors to teach me. Moreover, I am almost tone-deaf.

All credits must be given to the friendly, ensuring and effective instructors! Can't ask for more....

Thanks CJ!

BTW, I am 47.

CJ said...


Thank you! It feels so heartening to have students feedback to us how they feel about the classes. =)

We're happy you're enjoying your lessons with us!