Friday, August 27, 2010

CJ 4th Anniversary Concert 2010!

The Concert of the Year is coming your way! Celine Jessandra School of Performing Arts' 4th Anniversary Concert will be held on the 27th November 2010!

All current students of CJ, whether you're from our Korean Hip Hop, MTV Dance, Vocals or our Kids' Classes, this is YOUR CONCERT!

We would also like to give a shout out to students from CJ's past MTV dance classes to come join us in our exciting dance performances!

If you were a student of the following class, you are welcome to join us in our concert:

1. Ring Ding Dong - SHINee
2. Lucifer - SHINee
3. Shock - Beast
4. Nu Abo - f(x)
5. HUH - 4Minute
6. Girls' Combos
7. Change - Hyun Ah
8. Bonamana - Super Junior
9. No Other - Super Junior
10. SNSD Combo - SNSD (Girls' Generation)
11. Wedding Dress - Tae Yang
12. Run Devil Run
13. Bang! - After School

For those who are keen to join us in our upcoming concert, please email your

a. Full Name
b. Contact no.
c. The class(es) you are/ were from
d. Available training day / timings

to , please indicate the email subject as CJ Recital.

There will be training sessions for all classes!

Looking forward to hearing from all of you! Calling all CJ students! Now's your time to SHINE!

Celine Jessandra School of Performing Arts ~ We Sing. We Dance. We Love.

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