Wednesday, August 04, 2010

CJ featured on Straits Times! New classes updated as of 4th August!

CJ was featured in the Straits Times' Sunday Life section! It speaks of K-Pop in Singapore and how the Korean wave is getting everyone dancing!


1. Due to overwhelming response, we have had to close some of our classes (too Full! Thank you!). However, we have added new class slots to offer students more options for our classes~!

Please click here for our updated Class Schedule!

2. Our CJ website will soon be under construction. Our new website will allow us to serve you better! =)

3. We will be launching our new CJ forum soon! Students are encouraged to sign up! You will get to interact with your instructors and classmates to discuss your classes / dance moves etc.

4. We will soon be announcing 2 important / upcoming events!

a. Celine Jessandra 4th Anniversary Concert
b. CJ Open House 2nd Edition - September!

There will be lotsa new changes to CJ! Keep reading this space for our latest updates!

Thank you so much everyone for your continuous support!

Lotsa Love,

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