Friday, August 27, 2010

CJ Forum for Students!

Dear CJ students,

The CJ Team has recently set up a forum to allow ALL CJ students to..:

1. Get to Know each other
2. Get the latest updates on the happenings of CJ
3. Post class videos
4. Chat with your instructors
5. Discuss and share the latest happenings on your favourite Kpop singers and Fan girl/boy together!
and much more..!

* Each class gets its own thread. If you are from any of our classes, you can go to the Classes section to search for your class thread.

* We will post videos taken during your class, Instructors will let you know what song was used during the class so you can ask questions, review your class performance and have a great time learning from and with each other!

We will all be actively updating the forum with our latest class information and CJ events!

To join us, you will have to sign up with our forum to obtain a user id and pw.

Click on Celine Jessandra Forum to join us now! =)

See ya there!


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