Tuesday, August 10, 2010

National Day Observance Ceremony

Hello Everyone!

Happy National Day! We would like to thank all our CJ students for making this year's National Day a very memorable one! =)

CJ was invited to perform and be part of this year's National Day Observance ceremony with Foreign Minister, Mr. George Yeo.

It was a really early start for everyone! The buses picked them up from the locations at 7am and sent them down to Bedok Reservoir!

Mattie was the host for the event and Kimberly was the co-host alongside him! They did a great job getting the crowd excited and patriotic for the celebrations!

[above:] The CJ performers taking their places while waiting for celebrations to start! I love how the CJ students really brought the CJ attitude to the event. =)

The little ones from the kindergarten joining the celebrations! They are sooo cute! =)

CJ leading the crowd in getting into the Guiness Book of Records for the most number of people doing the YOG Cheer! We're joined by Minister George Yeo! =)

"Oh Yeah Oh Yeah Oh Yeah~!" You are the one Singapore!

The last row made up on our adorable children!

And yes! We managed to get more than the required number of participants to achieve the Guiness Book of Records for the most number of people doing the YOG Cheer! While we met with a momentary interruption from nature, it could not dampen our spirits and the CJ students were hyped up to dance (they did a mass dance of SNSD's GEE!) and got the show started again!

Everything ended beautifully and I would like to thank all the CJ students who participated in yesterday's performance for their commitment, hard work and the lovely performance!
(Psst. Our next one will be our year end Recital! ^^)

Many thanks to our lovely instructor, Samantha Mun who guided everyone through the dance and YOG cheer training sessions.

Thank you everyone for making the "show" a success!

The event got a mention in today's Straits Times! =)


*We'll be posting more pictures of CJ's Gee performance once we're ready! =)

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