Thursday, October 28, 2010

A message from CJ

Hi guys,

As you all might know, CJ is going through an extremely busy period currently. (busy might be an understatement).

The CJ crew is currently competing on Channel 5's 'One Moment of Glory'. There is also the CJ Concert 2010 coming up in about a month. During this time, we hope to seek the understanding of affected students might have had their classes cancelled or postponed in the past week or two.

We sincerely seek all of your kind understanding in the matter, for as a smaller community, we are all going into overdrive to adapt to the growing workload. Do rest assured that as a team, we are working to ensure that classes will not be affected due to the above mentioned events.

In looking to better cope with the above, we have hired more instructors as well as staff to help provide a more seamless communication method to our students.

If we have neglected any of your needs during the past weeks, do forgive and understand as we too, understand the importance many, if not all of you bring to CJ. In the event should any of you have any questions, feel free to call us at 6254 0702 at any time :)

Best regards,

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