Thursday, June 02, 2011

[Guest Performance] CJ @ Jolin Tsai 2011 World Tour

Hello Everyone!
This is an overdue post (sorry!>.<) on our recent performance as Guest Dancers for Jolin Tsai's 2011 World Tour Concert (Singapore)!

We were very honoured to have been approached to perform a dance item at her concert! ^_^

She sounded amazing and we were truly inspired by her stamina as she sang a mixture of dance songs and ballads throughout the 2 (and a half) hours. 

Here's a look at her concert pass that we had to wear all the time behind the scenes!

Yuzhen, Evy and Jo backstage! 

We had lotsa fun and it was an eye opener, seeing the amount of work and manpower that was required to put up a concert of this scale.

            Confetti (Pyro effects) at her concert! Woohoo!

Without further adieu, here's a clip of their performance! We hope you'll like it! Enjoy! =)

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