Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Singapore~! CJ @ NUS RAG!

On August 9th, (Singapore's Birthday~), the CJ Crew was invited to perform at NUS's Rag Day held at the Marina Promontory, just of the NDP site itself!

Having a rather short amount of time to prepare for this Sing & Dance routine, the CJ Crew sang and danced to the tunes of Dr Feel Good (Rania), Why are you being like this (T-ara), Fiction (B2ST), Mr Taxi (SNSD) and Tonight (Big Bang)! 

A day where we celebrated the Nation's Birthday by doing what we love best, here are some photos to commemorate the event!

21 performers in total: kudos to the performers and their commitment in their daily rehearsals. The shot here shows their final rehearsal @ the CJ Studio. 

8th August: On site rehearsal with the awesome MBS backdrop looming behind! We only had about 30 mins to clean up the formations and get used to the sound system for the singing!

And so it began!: After meeting early in the morning for make-up (as well as warming up of course), we made our way to the grounds itself with a little help from Motorway Group: Singapore, who very kindly sponsored a mini-bus which brought us to our destination!

On-Site!: At a sweltering 35 degrees (i believe), there were about 6 - 7,000 spectators in total.

Final Run through: The CJ Crew being put through their final paces just before they take to the stage! 
The Show Begins!: The Girls of the CJ Crew performing to SNSD's Mr Taxi ~
Nearing the End: All performers take to the stage once more for the finale item Tonight by Big Bang!

Mission Accomplished!: The CJ Crew + Carmen pose to celebrate a job well done :) 

Special Appearance: Here is Kimberly Chia, CJ's little darling who came to lend her support!

A big thank you to family, friends and fans who came to support us, as well as NUS RAG 2011 committee who invited us in. :) 

P/S: Happy Belated Birthday Singapore!

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