Thursday, October 20, 2011

Esplanade's Da:ns Festival! CJ Crew brings the house down!

As part of Esplanade's Da:ns Festival 2011, The CJ Crew was invited to guest perform in their K-POP segment! Da:ns Festival 2011, an initiative by Esplanade, aimed at bringing together dancers from all over the world, and of all different genres. We were immensely honored to have had the chance to perform on the same stage as many of the international acts. :)

When we found out we had the weekend prime slot for our performance, it was extremely nerve-wrecking, and we wondered if we could draw in the crowd like the many who performed before us. 

Thankfully, the public, our fans, and friends came in droves to lend their support, resulting in a successful performance! 

Performing 2 dance items, the CJ Crew was also involved in a teaching segment where members of the public could join in the dancing madness by learning various dance moves on the spot!

Ultimately, both the crew and the audience enjoyed themselves thoroughly in the hour long event, and what better way to commemorate the occasion than have plenty of photos! Credits to Junhui for most of the photos we have!

The Crew on the road: On the way to Esplanade in the early afternoon to get prepped up! CJ's jester Ke Nong with his usual antics trying to hype everyone up!
CJ's dressing room at the Esplanade! 

Make-up time: with only 2 hours to get everyone ready, all the 'nannies' were out in full force! Here's Carmen helping Yuzhen with some lip-gloss!

Time passed quickly after our rehearsals, and soon we had to take to the stage! Look at the hordes of people around the performance area. Even I couldn't squeeze in for a better shot!

In the midst of dancing ~ The CJ Crew giving it their all on stage!

Jojo takes the stage and teaches the crowd iconic KPOP dance moves from Mr Simple, and Roly Poly! Might I add that the audience was awesome in joining in the fun

Here are crew members: Alton, Kimberly and Nigel enjoying themselves during the freestyle dancing segment!
It was soon time to call an end to our performance!

Even though the hour passed quickly, it was a night not to be forgotten! We hope everyone enjoyed the performance as much as we did performing!

We Sing. We Dance. We Love. 
~CJ Family

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