Wednesday, November 30, 2011

70 packs, 380KG of Rice, a Big Thank You and many Happy Hearts~!

With 2 major events falling on the same day, we had to decide whether we wanted to go for MAMA 2011 (Work) or go see Wu Chun (Heart - Charity).

The deciding factor was that Chun's event tied up with a Charity drive to collect Rice as part of donations to poor families. 

Upon hearing this news, Laoshi asked the CJ Crew for this as a birthday gift to herself and the school! 

And the rice started pouring in... A lot of students and crew who weren't able to bring down their packs of rice, told us to get them on their behalf and this was what happened..

The 3 happy elves! And another little one - Cherylene who's not in the pic. =(

The boys who were supposed to help us, abandoned us for MAMA. O.O It was just us girls and Laoshi carrying 70 packs of rice all by ourselves to Plaza Singapura but who needs boys? *Sings* "We Bring the Rice Out!"

Packing all these into the car, we drove back to CJ to pick up the rest of the ribboned rice packs. We needed a trolley to push them to the car and the Fruits' Stall Uncle downstairs kindly lent us theirs! ^_^

While we were attempting to push the trolley down a mini-slope and with the rest of them carrying bags of rice towards the car park, a taxi saw us, reversed and stopped right in front of us. The taxi driver came out to help us and gave us a lift to Plaza Sing! Yay!! 

Upon reaching, the taxi driver told us that since we are doing this for charity, he wants to do his bit as well and didn't collect any fare from them! Kindness really does go round doesn't it? ^_^ 

We quickly got trolleys to unload the rice. As the driver drove off, we had trouble pushing the trolleys up the pavement as the rice was too heavy and the wheels were stuck in pot-holes. 

Another taxi driver came to help them but to no avail. We then quickly spread the bags out among the trolleys and continued to push as Laoshi and Sam arrived with the remaining bags. The adventure continues.. 

The event was about to start and we were frantically trying to tie the ribbons on the rice packs at the side so that they looked like pretty gifts! ^_^ (We also wanted to make it easier for those who had to transport the rice.)

So while Wu Chun, Raymond Wong (been watching him since young!) and the Director Wilson Yip were on stage, all 5 of us were tying ribbons like a mass factory production. Ha ha. It was all worth it though.. =) Here's why:

Once again, THANK YOU sooo much everyone! we at CJ are truly touched by this huge gesture. It was all for a good cause and I'm happy that our rice packs looked so pretty! The students even wrote little messages on some of the packs! 

70 packs, 380KG of Rice, a Big Thank You and many Happy Hearts~! 

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