Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's time for a little bit of Charity~!

It’s the time for giving! Celebrating Christmas, CJ’s 5th Anniversary, as well as our Director’s, Celine’s Birthday a little earlier, we’ll be doing a little collection over the next 2 days! It’s a little tribute as well to Celine, and one of her inspirations, Wu Chun!

Do your bit by giving either any amount of rice (yes RICE!), or any small cash amount for the charity event as listed below!

It’s a charity organized by regional artiste, Wu Chun, and in recognition of all efforts, students who pitch in for the donation drive will be able to purchase CJ Tees at $8 for the next 2 days! ALL donations will go straight to the charity event under the name of the school! J

*All rice donated will go towards the total amount of rice collected, while money donated will go towards buying rice for the orphanages.

It’s almost Christmas and what better time to give than now!

Interested parties can drop us an email at , or simply come down in the next 2 days to pitch in!

HO HO HO ~ CJ Family

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