Tuesday, February 28, 2012

CJ Concert 2012!

Dear students of CJ,

To celebrate CJ turning 5 (although we're slightly late), we hope you'll join us in looking forward to our Anniversary Concert 2012! A concert for everyone by You - to Thank You for walking with us these past 5 years!

This year's concert's kinda special. =)

This year's "Today, My Life Begins"(credits: Bruno Mars) The concert will be centered around the meaningful cause of helping those less fortunate, giving them a chance to experience life anew. 

Similarly for our students, we hope this year's Concert will provide you with the creative platform, to perform and shine. The stage is truly yours. =)

The concert is from us to you, to let you know that we're here with you along the way as you work towards your dreams. This year, we hope to send out this message to everyone.

Have Faith and Believe. To Dare to Dream. To Strive towards Making It Happen. To BE the Difference.

Have a look at our Concert video from the previous year and if you like what you see, we hope you will join us for CJ Concert 2012!
We are inviting students who were with us from 2011 - 2012 to join us!

To sign up, please pop by the school and leave your name, class and contact information with our lovely receptionists whom you must already be very familiar with! =)

Only walk-in sign ups will be accepted. Looking forward to working with all of you!

Today My Life Begins - An original choreography by CJ's own Jojo Hung.

Celine's message - CJ turns 5


*Terms and Conditions apply. 


Anonymous said...

omg! eggcited! <3 will get some details first HEHEEHE eggcitedd!

bubsbubsoohlala said...

may i know when will the concert be??(=