Monday, March 19, 2012

CJ Crew at PAssionArts & Culture We Love

Another Sunday, another crazy day of performances and events to go through, but even the rain couldn't stop the hype and excitement the CJ Crew and the students went through!

Chapter 1: PAssionArts @ Bishan!

We started off our day with an event for the People's Association - PAssionArts Month, and even though the rain was pouring down as heavily as it could, we waited for the skies to clear before we took to the stage! 

Everyone braving the rain in high spirits!

The event was to help foster a sense of Passion for the Arts among the local community, and the CJ Crew was invited in to showcase dance items, introducing the performing arts! We were very honored to have PM Lee Hsien Loong grace our event, as well as having both the young and old join in our K-Pop teaching segment!

Performing 2 dance items, we were incredibly happy to include several kids from our dance classes to join us in the performances! With the crowd well in place, they cheered on loudly for our Performers and little ones, as they dished out songs like Oppa Oppa, Lovey Dovey and Roly Poly!

                                                               Photo Credits: Edwin Leung

 After the performances, CJ instructors also took to the stage, and taught the audience the dance steps to Lovey Dovey, and I'll be back! It was awesome looking at people as young as 5 dance their hearts out, right up to the senior citizens dance and grooving alongside Yuzhen and Jojo!

Photo Credits: Edwin Leung

It ended almost as quickly as it began! We remain very thankful to all the students who came down to support the event, as well as the parents of all the performers , who braved the rain, and stood by waiting for the rain to stop! If the rain couldn't dampen their spirits, it definitely couldn't affect ours! 

Chapter 2: Culture we love @ City Square Mall

When our first show was over, we rushed in droves over to City Square Mall to watch 3 teams (OvD, Summarize Crew, Threesome) comprising of CJ Crew members compete in KTO's Culture We Love competition finals. Our fourth team - G.I.C, was at the other end of the island at NTU, competing in the Grand Finals of the Impresario Dance Category! 


OvD, Summarize Crew and Threesome

While we couldn't be there physically, we were definitely there in spirit as we were kept up-to-date via handphones, and voted furiously during the SMS voting segment!

Back at City Square Mall, the 12 teams took to the stage, with CJ Crew teams receiving rapturous cheers and applause as they strutted their stuff on the dance floor! We were extremely proud of all of them regardless of the result we'd know later in the night!

Photo Credits: KAvenyou

With the competition over and the results about to be announced, everyone held their bated breath as the competitors started going on stage to receive their prizes. The numbers slowly dwindled down and there was only to be one winner...... OvD! Yes, CJ Crew's boy group took home the Top Prize with their rendition of B.A.P's Warrior and Big Bang's Fantastic Baby!

Needless to say, the crowd, CJ Crew, and OvD's fans went berserk, and the rest as they say is history! They took home the top prize, and their days, nights and weeks of hard work was duly rewarded! 

OvD: Champions of Culture We Love 2012!

A big heart goes out to all the other competitors and especially those from the CJ Crew as well. Even though the other 3 teams didn't take home the top prize, we're so proud of all of them and the amount of effort they've put in as well. They all did CJ proud! It was time to look forward to Wednesday's performance!

Oh well... here we go again!


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