Wednesday, June 06, 2012

CJ Open House 2012 - Our Gratitude to All!

Celine Jessandra Open House 2012 was a roaring success! 

 Held last Saturday, the school witnessed a continual stream of students, parents, friends of CJ and even passers-by who dropped by for the fun of it! Must have been our pink balloons, banners and walking advertisements (pink/cyan/red/blue/black CJ Tees!) that captured their attention J

Night before, the CJ Crew stayed till late, putting forth their creative energy into embellishing our pink walls with photographs, posters, and fun facts.
The crew also painstakingly hung up posters, silver streamers and pink balloons that led the way to CJ! Did you guys like it?

We were pleased to see many familiar and new faces alike! Hope you guys enjoyed sweating it out in the dance classes or singing your hearts out in vocal trial lessons. 

Students in B.A.P's POWER Class
Nigel and students~ 

Vocal Trial Class!

To the other guests who were present to sign up for our promotional packages, or to watch CJ Crew's performances, or to simply have a look around, we sincerely hope that you had a great time!

Reception Area after a dance class. 

Thank you for leaving messages!

Crew members Meng Yu and Felicia! Peace! J

Game stations such as Nerf War and Nintendo Wii provided additional entertainment for our guests. Many chose to challenge members of the CJ Crew at Wii Dance-Off.  Winners even got to walk away with prizes such as posters and CDs! Congratulations! J
Crew Members Crystal and Anthea, gearing up for Nerf Shoot-out!

Not forgetting everyone's hot favourite: CJ Photobooth! 

"Come get your photos taken!"

We loved seeing happy faces leave our premises, having snapped pictures with their friends or CJ Crew members as keepsakes.

Students and their family!

CJ Crew's DC and Johnson modeling the props

In addition, we were pleasantly surprised and thankful for the large turnouts and warm response received during CJ Crew’s performances!!

Jam-packed studio! Crowd waiting for the show to start~

Alton belting out high-notes 

*Twinkle twinkle* 

Sing and Dance Girls

Dance Medley: Hush by APink! Crew members Chloe and Cherylene

Xiaowei from Vocal Crew!

Dance Medley - Sistar's Alone 

Crew member Cassandra!

Peijun from CJ Vocal Crew!

CJ's Boyband OvD and their rendition of MBLAQ's It's War!

Thank you all once again for spending your day with us at CJ Open House 2012! Feel free to give us any feedback!

Looking forward to seeing everyone again~ JJJ

Lots of Love,

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