Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Intro to Hip Hop - Girls' Edition by Stooffi

To all females out there: Keen to take on some powerful, sexy dance moves? 

We're excited to launch an introductory Girls' Hip Hop course! This will be conducted by Stephanie Phua aka Stooffi who is a new dance instructor in CJ but has amassed more than 6 years of dance experience.

We've specially prepared a video that showcases Stooffi's girls hip hop choreography to Wonder Girls' Like Money. Enjoy~

Join Stooffi for this 8-week course every Tuesday, 7 - 8PM, and learn how to work the girls' hip hop style! 
Email us at singanddance@celinejessandra.com now for more details! (:

More about your dance instructor Stooffi...
Stooffi cites her dance style as mish mash of all her experiences, both in living and in dancing. She has dabbled in quite a few styles including Chinese dance, contemporary and hip hop. One dancer that really inspires her is Jillian Meyers,  "because whenever I watch her, she's at one with the music - it's like she's singing with her body." That has inspired her to pay more attention to musicality and emotions and she hopes that people get to feel music through her movements.

Here's a message from Stooffi herself!
"As for teaching girl's style, I hope to introduce my fellow females to how they can move their bodies. It's not about being sensual or soft and gentle; it's about embracing who you are and being strong, yet sensitive. I hope to push them to be confident, sexy women! For inspiration, I look to Beyonce and 2 Japanese dancers - Aye Hasagawa & Rino Nakasone. I like that Beyonce embraces her body and isn't afraid to flaunt it. As for the other two, you really have to watch them dance to understand how female dancers can be both strong and sexy at the same time!"

This is one course we strongly recommend for all females with zero or little dance background, as well as dancers who wish to attempt feminine and sexy dance styles..
For just about anyone who looks to becoming more confident and sexy, this course is for you (:



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