Tuesday, August 14, 2012

[Food & Beverage Sponsorship] - CJ Concert 2012

Countdown to CJ's 6th Anniversary Concert: 3 More Days!

As we've always placed great importance on the welfare of our performers, we wish to ensure that all our performers will be well-fed on the event day.
Hence we're pleased to have the following food and beverage sponsors on board! 

Thanks to Dunkin Donuts' generous sponsorship, all 280 performers, all VIPs as well as some of our earliest-to-arrive guests will receive yummy assorted donuts! During our last training trip to Korea, our crew and students were huge fans of their beverage and pastries.

A big thank you to Barcook Bakery for providing bread and buns for our performers as tea-break snacks! This will surely compensate for all the energy expenditure from hard work and stage-runs.

Coveniently located right outside Novena MRT Station, at Novena Square 2, YIP's Cookies & More will be sponsoring muffins and cream puffs as snacks for our performers. We're definitely looking forward to tasting their exquisite pastries! Check out their page at www.yipscookiesandmore.com

We're relieved to know that our performers will be well-hydrated. Big thank you to Honey Secret for sponsoring drinks and beverages! 

A surprise element lies in store for everyone watching the show! We are also proudly sponsored by My Fat Lady. Stay tuned for details~

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