Sunday, January 13, 2013

2013: New Year; New Methods! - All in a bid to serve you better~!

Going into the New Year, we at Celine Jessandra will continue to look for better ways to keep you informed about the new classes, schedules and other ongoings right here at CJ!


Having now expanded into a second unit, we now have to update and manage over 40 different courses simultaneously!

Check out the lastest classes for the various courses under the "SCHEDULE" tab, where you can find a 'LIVE' update system to all our classes - Vocals Classes, MV classes, Open Classes, Sing & Dance Classes

In each schedule, you'll see a timetable with list of the classes with the following information:
1) Class Title
2) Starting Date
3) Day / Time
4) Difficulty Level
5) Class Status

What's new is the 'LIVE' Class Status updates, where you can see whether a class is confirmed, filling fast or full! It now allows you to have an immediate check on each of the classes you're interested in!

We hope you'll find these new systems more informative and efficient! In any case, feel free to drop us a call at 6254 0702 or e-mail us at should you need further assistance!

~ CJ 

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