Sunday, March 03, 2013

CJ 50 Dollar Madness (Updated! ^^)

Dear Students and Friends of CJ, 

great things come in pairs. 

We're so excited to share with you our 50 dollar Dance Madness Promotion! Yes! We can't believe it too! It's our way of saying Get Up and DANCE!

With exciting NEW Classes, NEW Instructors and an improved Dance Syllabus, we hope to encourage everyone to join us and Dance! Dance! DANCE!

We want to bring back the fun in dance! 

In our latest 1-for-1 Promotion, you get to join any of the the classes shown above (and listed below) at an outta this world price of just $50! 

YOU     +     FRIEND     =      $100 / 10 sessions

Sign up with a friend now and have fun dancing, bonding and getting fit together! =)

Without further adieu, here are our New Classes!

Hip Hop
Did you know? Originating from the streets, Hip hop style was first created by dancers with no classical dance training! Similarly, if you have had no dance training previously, this is the perfect style to get started with, to get an introduction into the world of dance without having to have YEARS of gruelling training!

Regardless of hip hop styles (lyrical, popping, locking..etc.), the foundations overlap and techniques like bounces, isolations and body waves will be taught to you in class! Before long, you too can dance in the streets! (XD Just kidding! But if you would like to, we encourage you to try it!)

TVXQ! SUPER JUNIOR! GIRLS GENERATION BIG BANG! Do these names call out to you (Like they do to me?  ^_^) Enjoy the dual benefits of joining our K-pop class if you love Korean pop songs and are keen to improve your dance at the same time! K-pop differentiates itself from hip hop by including iconic moves into each song and injecting more of a pop style into their choreographies!

Follow our instructors through hip hop technique training (bounces, isolation and body waves etc.) in the first half of class,  learn choreography that the instructor has created then go wild dancing to your favourite music!

Girl's Style
Find the girl inside and learn to embrace this side of you in our Girl's style class! If Hip hop is too masculine for you and you prefer a more feminine quality in the choreography, this is the class for you! The basics of Girl's style might be the same as that in Hip Hop (bounces, isolation and grooving are still important!) but this class focuses on the techniques critical to executing a more girly style!

Instructors will take the time to break down waves, chest rotations, hip rotations etc. down before including these into their choreography later in the class! Let loose and feel your Beyonce or Pussycat Doll come through!

Two-Left Feet
Never danced before? If you've always wanted to try but are too shy or think that dancing is not for you, our Two Left Feet class is perfect for you to get your dancing shoes on and give dance a shot!

Always felt like your right foot is your left or your left foot is your right or your have two of each?? Coordination is something that many beginner dancers and even dancers with a bit of experience struggle with but that doesn't mean that you cannot have fun in dance as well!

Get on your dancing shoes because Two-Left Feet introduces basic dance techniques at an even slower pace, so even a bounce is broken into parts and explained! Feel completely at ease taking the time you need to grasp the foundations of dance without feeling lost and awkward!

You never know,  you might just find yourself grooving unconsciously to a song playing and loving it!

Kids' K-Pop
Does your child jump excitedly when they hear Gangnam style or dance energetically in front of the television when a K-pop song comes on?

We always believe that learning dance strengthens the resilience in children and helps them build up many qualities beneficial to development (i.e. coordination, emotional stability, physical health etc.)! So if we had a choice, every child would learn dance! =D

Kids' K-pop helps children grasp the foundations of dance while engaging them with catchy K-pop moves and tunes! Not only will they acquire an additional skill in the performing arts, they are unconsciously becoming stronger individuals, while having FUN! So what better way for them to develop all these desirable qualities than having a K-pop dance class with us?

Parents' K-Pop
Itching to move along when you see your kids having fun in dance class, but prefer to dance with classmates around your age? Our Parents’ class is a light-hearted way to sweat it out and keep fit with other parents amongst your busy schedules. 

Join us in an hour of lively K-pop tunes and choreography and forget about the stressors in your life, just for now!

Promotion ends 31st March 2013

Please call us at 6254 0702 Or Email us at: with your names, contact nos., and the class you wish to sign up for or if you might have any queries! 

Limited Places available.  
We can't wait to have you dancing with us! 

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