Friday, March 29, 2013

What we're busy with at CJ crossing over from March to April~!

Good Friday and Happy Easter everyone! 
The CJ Dance Crew had their Open Mic Auditions last night following their Star Cruise Performance weekend! We are looking forward to the many activities that are coming up this Easter weekend. 

Studio Recording and Show Choir Performance.. Nothing much really. =P  
Some crew members will be entering the recording studio to do a recording for an upcoming showcase! Show choir style!

Open Mic this Saturday 30th March. You coming?
You do not have to be a vocal student or a singing enthusiast to come. It'll be a fun night so you can come by , join us and simply watch!

We've got Open Mic coming up this Saturday and a lot of our students are busy preparing for it! Vocal performances, vocal promotions and much more! It's all about having a good time and our Dance crew will be making a Guest Performance to support the event organized by their fellow crew members! =)

CJ heads to CHIJ Secondary as part of our School's Tour! So excited to be able to head back to my alma mater for our school's tour this year! With Matthew Zachary as our host, we promise a fun-filled assembly session for all the students! The CJ Crew has also been hard at work preparing for the show case! See ya soon IJ!

Anderson Junior College's "Festival of Life"
We love working and sharing our passion with the young and in our 6th year back at AJC, we're looking forward to singing and dancing with all of you! So thankful for all the opportunities and support the school has given me and am happy to give back! We can't wait AJ! ^_^ 

A secret project that you can look forward to soon! We'll share when the time is right! 

We're always so so happy when our students come by the school. Be it for classes, just to hang or wait for your friends. Your familiar faces and smiles never fail to brighten up our days. 

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