Sunday, March 17, 2013

[Updated!] You are cordially Invited... CJ OPEN MIC NITE!!

CJ Open Mic is a Performance platform for CJ vocal students that's Open to Public!

[From CJ Vocal Exco!]

This is Erena, Alton and Johnson from CJ Crew Vocal Exco! We are all hyped up for this Saturday's Open Mic Session! It's gonna be a fun night with lots and lots of singing by our very own vocal students and crew! 

Our Instructors will also be sharing some vocal tips and tricks that will be useful for aspiring singers! See you on Saturday! 

Alton, Erena and Johnson (on behalf of the CJ Vocal Crew!)

Credits: Johnson Lim 

Our Open Mic Nite will feature:

- Performances by CJ's very own Vocal Students!
- Performances by the CJ Crew (Vocals and Dance)
- Q&A Session with our Vocal Instructors
- Performances from the Floor (Audience)! [Do RSVP!]
- Vocal Promotions (Valid only on Open Mic Nite!)
- A Great Time! ^_^

If you would like to have a better idea of what our vocal classes are like, come down and join us on our Open Mic session. Our instructors will be around to answer any questions you might have! =)

CJ Open Mic Nite is a wonderful platform for CJ Students to showcase and apply what they have learnt, as well as for the public to get to know us better! 

Should you wish to join us on this musical night (applies to Members of the public, friends and families of CJ Vocal Students), do email us at to RSVP! 

Looking forward to a night of musical wonderment with all of you~! 

Credits: Open Mic is an event organized by the CJ Vocal Crew. =)


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