Monday, May 20, 2013

CELINE JESSANDRA: The Celebrity Project

Celine Jessandra: The Celebrity Project

This June, we are excited to introduce our latest brainchild - CELINE JESSANDRA: The Celebrity Project.

The 3 disciplines - Singing . Dancing. Acting are correlated and form the Triple Threat in the Entertainment industry.

Our upcoming Celebrity Project aims to provide aspiring Singers, Dancers, Performers with the platform to gaining better self-awareness in their performances, polishing up their act and taking a step towards becoming a more professional performer! 

Everyone has a different singing voice but are you bringing out the best in your tone?
Understand your voice, sing with ease, learn the secrets that Professional Pop Singers use to create an explosive vocal presence on stage and how you can create an amazing first impression with your voice! 

Dance has such an amazing visual appeal that it not only enhances a vocal performance, but engages the audience via movements and emotions. 
Understand the intricacies of stage performance and deliver your performances the way it should be done. 

Drama training allows you to immerse yourself in the role that you take on when working on a song. Get into character and discover different facets of yourself with our drama instructor and become an all-rounded performer!

At the end of the workshop, participants can opt to do a studio recording! *charges apply.

CELINE JESSANDRA: The Celebrity Project will allow us to get to know you, understand the difficulties you may face during performances and equip you with the knowledge and solutions to put on a smashing performance! 

We believe that every performer is unique and talented in their own right. Let us help you uncover these qualities and bring out Your X-Factor and be the charismatic performer that you are!


Please call us at 6254 0702 or email us at for more information! 

Let us be part of your transformation! We can't wait! 

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