Saturday, May 11, 2013

[LIVE] Celine Jessandra heads to Jurong Junior College!


Yesterday marked our Second year going back for Jurong Junior College's (JJC) Talentime, and boy was it a blast!

Having headed to many other schools for their Talent Competitions, it's always great to see individuals or groups passionate about the performing arts and taking it to the stage! 

Of course we have to thank the teachers at JJC for inviting us again this time round, and much kudos to them for putting up great performances themselves to entertain, and definitely inspire everyone there! 

There were great singing performances, dance showcases. It was truly humbling to receive plenty of great feedback after the CJ Crew's performance, and see them gain new fans after! 

Check out our performance in the video link below and thank you everyone for your continuous and great support!

We Sing. We Dance. We Love. 

~ Celine Jessandra School of Performing Arts

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