[KIDS] Every Child should dance! Introducing our Kids Kpop classes!

Thursday, May 09, 2013 CJ Family 1 Comments

Catch our kids in action at our CJ Concert 2012!

Kids K-pop
Saturdays 2 pm 

Does your child jump excitedly when they hear Gangnam style or dance energetically in front of the television when a K-pop song comes on?

Children have boundless energy (that we wish we had!) and endless potential in them waiting to be explored!

At Celine Jessandra, we always believe that learning dance strengthens the resilience in children and helps them build up many qualities beneficial to development (i.e. coordination, emotional stability, physical health etc.)! So if we had a choice, every child would learn dance!

Dance isn’t just a performing arts skill to pick up, it’s a developmental tool that can instil self-assurance, discipline, creativity and many other soft skills! 

Our Kids' K-pop class helps children grasp the foundations of dance while engaging them with catchy K-pop moves and tunes!  This means they are unconsciously becoming stronger individuals, while having FUN! So what better way for them to develop all these desirable qualities than having a K-pop dance class with us? 

Please feel free to call us at 6254 0702 to sign up or if you have any queries. Or Email us at singanddance@celinejessandra.com with your names, contact nos., and the class you wish to sign up for!

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I am agreed with you and your motivation.