Wednesday, May 29, 2013

[CLASSES] What's New during the June Holidays?!?!

Here comes our next batch of June Holidays MV dances! In addition to the last launch, we've got: 
  1. Sistar's Alone (Sexy and Elegant!)

  2. B1A4's What's Happening (Fun & Groovy Style)

  3. Teen Top's Supa Love (The last Teen Top song you haven't learnt!)

  4. Suju's EunHyuk and Donghae is back with I Wanna Dance! (A combination of old school and locking inspired moves!) 

  5. Super Junior's From U (A light-hearted lyrical piece!)

For more information and video links, please refer to the information at the bottom!
This month, we will also be launching 2 new Hip Hop 1 slots! Do call or email to sign up!

Sistar - Alone
$80, 6 sessions
Tuesdays 8pm
Commencing 18 June 2013

B1A4 - What's Happening
$80, 6 sessions
Sundays 1pm
Commencing 16 June 2013

Teen Top - Supa Love
$80, 6 sessions
Sundays 6pm
Commencing 7 July 2013

Eunhyuk and Donghae - I Wanna Dance (Short Ver.)
$80, 6 sessions
Saturdays 6pm
Commencing 15 June 2013

Super Junior - From U
$45, 3 sessions
Commencing 29 June 2013


Please call us at  6254 0702 or email us at for more information or to sign up! Please sign up early in advance!

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