Tuesday, May 21, 2013

[CLASSES] More Exciting Choices coming your way!

This June, we've got 11 new MV classes to offer and..we've brought back some of the latest hits, and your old favorites!

Also, we will be introducing our new K-pop Music Video Combi Dance Class!

If you wish to learn your favourite iconic and catchy dance moves your favourite K-pop idols are grooving to in their performances but don’t see a need to learn the entire dance, then this is the class is for you!

Songs change every 2 weeks so you get learn a mix of the most popular K-pop dances without having to commit to 8 weeks of classes! At just $60 for 4 sessions, have the freedom of signing on to the package when your schedule allows it! Songs for the next batch of classes will be announced every 4 weeks!

On Saturdays at 7pm, We all need a bit of variety sometimes.

Miss A - Goodbye Baby
$80, 6 sessions
Mondays 7pm
Commencing 10 June 2013

T-ara - Countryside Life

$80, 6 sessions

Mondays 8pm

Commencing 17 June 2013

F(X) - Lachata
$100, 8 sessions
Thursdays 7pm
Commencing 13 June 2013
Video (1:15 onwards)

Hyuna - Change
$80, 6 sessions
Thursday 8pm
Commencing 6 June 2013

SNSD - I Got a Boy
$100, 8 sessions
Friday 7pm
Commencing 14 June 2013

Girl's Day - Expect
$80, 6 sessions
Friday 8pm
Commencing 7 June 2013

SNSD - Paparazzi
$80, 6 sessions
Saturday 12pm
Commencing 22 June 2013

2PM - Come Back When You Hear This Song
$45, 3 sessions
Saturday 2pm
Commencing 1 June 2013

SHINee - Replay
$100, 8 sessions
Saturday 1pm
Commencing 8 June 2013

Xiah Junsu - Breath
$80, 6 sessions
Saturday 6pm
Commencing 8 June 2013

DBSK - 'O' Jung Ban Hup
$100, 8 sessions
Sunday 3pm
Commencing 16 June 2013

K-POP Combi Class (Ongoing Open Class)
$60, 4 sessions
Saturdays 7pm
Commencing 15 June 2013

Please call us at 6254 0702 or email us at singanddance@celinejessandra.com if you have any queries or if you would like to sign up!

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