Friday, June 28, 2013

5 Fabulous KPop Covers you can find on Youtube~!

Following a request from one of our readers, we've decided to go ahead and list 5 awesome KPOP covers done by people worldwide~! 

Sometimes it's awesome to see people from different ends of the globe trying to copy, or sometimes even make better what their favorite idols do on a daily basis. In today's edition, we see entries from places as far-out as Mexico, and even Russia

Some you might have seen, some maybe not, so are you ready? So what makes a great cover video

*DISCLAIMER: We could only include 5, so if this misses what you saw that you thought was fantabulous, share them with us~!


CPDRC - SORRY SORRY (Philippines)

Sometimes, massive numbers work. And when you have such an intriguing story behind your video, it's bound to get people excited! 

What's more eccentric then watching a group of inmates dance to a KPOP song, seemingly as part of their rehabilitation programme. I don't know. you tell me. Maybe we should do this for our Yellow Ribbon Project. 

Check out their other covers as well, which includes popular Michael Jackson numbers amongst others!



Apparently, they are mothers. ladies with kids of their own. And they dance... well, watch it for yourself~! This dance is HARD. Asks students who have taken this dance class here at CJ, and they'll tell you no different! 

They have over 50 videos of their Mom's Class doing the different songs. Plus they specially design their own costumes for some of their covers. Who can fault dedication as such! It's makes you wanna run up to your mom, and have them dance with you :)



Meet Febris Erotica. They're a fusion of Boyfriend (Janus Costume) + Exo (Martial Arts) + Infinite (Dance Moves) + One Direction (Looks). 

The fact that they're Russian adds to the exoticness of their appeal. 
They competed and performed in a recent KPOP Cover Competiton and showcased their skills for the likes of SNSD and B2ST. 

What's not to like?



From the country that brought us the awesome Taco creation, here are the folks from Novolum TV. Their concept for this video, is like a mix of Jabbawockeez meets Jigsaw from the Saw movies. 

Perfect for the whimsical style of G.D's Crayon, while this song isn't an exact step for step recreation of the MV, it does recreate some steps, as well as the cheeky aura of the original!

The production value of covers nowadays are also going through the roof! The different angles, the various sets, props, aren't something common in most covers, but when you can afford it, it pushes the watching experience to a whole other level! 


ST. 319 - SHERLOCK (Vietnam)

Probably the hottest and most famous KPOP Cover group right now, ST. 319 represents the country of Vietnam. 

They have over 40 videos, all of which rival any KPOP groups in terms of production value. They get all the angles right, have specialized sets, props, and even try to recreate the exact angles as seen in the original videos. On certain occasions, they even create and film their own backstory to complement the video. 

One word. WOW. Go check out their other videos and be amazed like I was with all their videos :)




LOL. We aren't trying to blow our own trumpet, but do you know that our Maxstep Dance Cover is currently ranked as the TOP maxstep cover search on Youtube? 


More of a parody than a cover, get a good laugh watching this scene-by-scene recreation of Big Bang's Fantastic Baby.  


Did we miss out any awesome covers by someone you liked? Share them here with us!

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