Tuesday, June 11, 2013

[EVENT] CJ Dance Students, Let's Dansu Dansu~!

Dear CJ Dance Students,

The CJ Dance Crew is proud to present…                  

CJ Dansu Dansu Night Chapter 1 is Celine Jessandra’s first student dance event organized by the CJ Crew!

Open to public, Dansu Dansu Night aims to be a performance platform for CJ Dance students to showcase what they’ve learnt and what they’ve got in a vibrant, creative,  and synergized setting.

CJ Students are encouraged to form groups of 2 – 7 members and work together to come up with a piece of choreography for their performance! [Preferably a mixture of what they’ve learnt in class coupled with original dance moves, peppered with lotsa creativity!] 

In addition, there will be fringe activities and performances by the CJ Crew~! Dansu Dansu Night is the perfect platform for all our CJ Dance Students to mingle, share their dance experiences and knowledge and have lotsa fun together!

Friends and Families are welcome. J This is YOUR Night afterall!
At CJ, we just want to Dansu Dansu~

Taking Place: 20th July 2013 
Time: 8pm
Venue: Celine Jessandra School of Performing Arts

Registration Deadline: 21 June 2013, Friday

How to Apply?

1) Visit www.celinejessandra.com or Celine Jessandra School of Performing Arts Facebook page. 
2) Please CLICK --> "Register HERE".
3) Fill up particulars of your group members and yourself.
4) Make sure you read the Dansu Dansu guidelines! 
5) Click Submit! 
6) Taaadaaah! A message stating that your application has been received should appear. 

Teams will be contacted and informed individually [via leader] on confirmation of participation for the event! 

Please feel free to email the CJ Dance Crew at: dansudansu2013@gmail.com should you have any enquiries! 

See you on Dansu Dansu Night~! 


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