Thursday, June 13, 2013



The INFINITY Package will allow you to attend the various open classes within a fixed timeframe of 30 ($88), or 60 days ($150), pretty much as much as you want? 

Suddenly feel like dancing to KPop on a trippy Tuesday? Come on down! How about Hiphop on a wacky Wednesday? Head right here!

Now, I'm no Math Whiz, but I'm still pretty nimble with numbers and figures. 

Say you come twice a week every for a period of 30 days, that's about 9 sessions in total, which works out to less than $10 per class! 

Also, we do have 2 open classes going on most days, which means you could possibly end up going for more than these 9 classes, with the benefit of it being at your own time!

Of course we won't try to sell you a orange and call it an apple, as this package might not be suitable for those who say, can only make it once a week for class! 

However if you find yourself enjoying our open classes thus far, and would like to give yourself more choices by trying out the different styles, then why not give it a shot?

Plus, find yourself owning an awesome new special attendance card like the ones below! Only for the INFINITY PACKAGE!


Go crazy dancing non-stop here at Celine Jessandra!

Drop us a call at 6254 0702 or email to if you have more questions for us!

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