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The folks here at Celine Jessandra love to write. Since the revamp of our website, we're looking to provide more original and unique content for all you guys!

We love having wacky ideas and random thoughts. We too love Kpop and Comic books. With the recent influx of Superhero movies, it got us thinking...

Which Kpop artistes would give these superheroes a run for their money? 

Coupled with our knowledge of the comic book realm, here is my TOP 5 Kpop Superhero doubles!

Ready? Let's take the jump!

 photo tacyeonbatman.jpg

5. G Dragon is The Flash

 photo gdflash.jpg
GD in a Red Spandex. Hmmm...
Now now, before you guys slate me for pairing your favorite idol with a lesser known superhero compared to his Marvel or DC counterparts, let me say that GD is a great representation of how the Flash would have been like if brought into real life. 

The Flash is a genius. Plus he's cocky, witty, and a little eccentric at times. He's quick, he's relentless, and serves as the comic relief in the Justice League. It's almost reminiscent of GD personality in his recent songs 'Crayon' and 'Go'. 

The childish-like banter the Flash often engages, is something GD would pull off perfectly, without coming off as annoying. He may not be the biggest physically, but he makes up for it in wacky personality.

*close mention: GD as The Riddler, but I wouldn't wanna place him in a green spandex


4. Xiah Junsu is Hawkeye
 photo JunsuHawkeye-1.jpg
I think you guys would prefer a Cupid version

Okay. I'm winging it a little here, but here's a little homage to our dear Carmen, who professes to be Junsu's #1 fan. 

But hold on, unlike the Hawkeye you've seen in The Avengers Movie, the comic Hawkeye is a character full of depth. He's smirky when he wants to be, and pensive when needed. Sort of like that annoying senior you secretly admire. 

Now look at Junsu. We've seen his many facets during his long career. He can be cool, serious, cold, smirky, aggressive and loveable whenever he chooses to be. A great choice for fleshing out Hawkeye's wide personality trait. 

Plus Carmen insists Junsu has nice shoulders, and Hawkeye has a sleeveless costume. It's like a match made in heaven I say. 

*close mention: Junsu as Gambit, but I don't think he's quite lazy enough


3. Lee Hyori is the Catwoman

 photo hyoricat.jpg
This one's a no brainer. Lee Hyori is sexy. Catwoman is sexy... in an eclectic sort of way. 

If you watch enough of Lee Hyori in variety shows, you'll know she's rather... wired down the middle. She can be the sweet girl next door one moment, then a psychotic hair-pulling maniac the other. 

Perfect as the Catwoman if you ask me.

*close mention: Hyori as the Black Widow, but I doubt she'd come off as cunning or scheming


2. Taemin is Spiderman

 photo taeminspiderman.jpg
Why so Serious Taemin?
There were a few other choices, but no one else could have pulled off the subtle boyish charm Spiderman possesses. The transformation then to a more masculine character, is something that Taemin has pulled off greatly in his latest look. 

Don a pair of geeky glasses on him, and you'll have the boy-next-door look of Peter Parker. Plus with his slightly lanky figure, he'd be a shoo-in to be the Asian version of Spiderman. 

It'd be great to see Taemin's acting skills brought to the table, but I have no doubt visually he'd be the perfect Spiderman. 

*close mention: Taemin should be Spiderman. End off. 


1. Tacyeon is Batman

 photo tacyeonbatman.jpg

I have to be honest. Before I embarked on this article, I had already decided that Tacyeon was the perfect Batman, and I mean perfect to a T. 

Think about it. Batman's a pensive dark superhero who on the outside is a flamboyant billionaire playboy. Tacyeon has that pensive look. He too, has that cheeky casanova feel for a Bruce Wayne alter-ego. 

Plus, besides Sparta Kim Joong Kook, no one else is well built enough to suit up and give off the intimidation factor.

I mean look at the photo, and tell me he can't pull it off. You can't? Great. If there was a korean superhero movie looking for it's lead role, someone better get Tacyeon on the other line. 

*close mention: Tacyeon as Superman, but not sure if he could pull off Superman's subtle gentleness


  • Kim Joong Kook as the Hulk but he looks way to happy all the time
  • Sunny as Harley Quinn but not sure if she'd be whimsical enough. plus Harley Quinn's a baddie. 
  • Kangta as Iron Man, but a goatee? Hmmm...


 photo yunhocapt.jpg
Yunho as Capt America

Do you think we made the right choices? Drop us a comment below and let us know if you think we've missed out better pairings!


Shi Pei said...

TVXQ Yunho as Captain America :D

His loyalty to all his commitments and hardwork reflects traits of Captain America. The fast, swift, flexible movements alike to how Yunho moves in his every performance and to perfection with effort and passion.

C.Garcia said...

Here you go!! - Clem

Click on the link below to see your wish! :D