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CJ Crew fronts ONE TV ASIA's latest Daebak Campaign~!

If you happen to chance across ONE TV ASIA's latest TV commercials on either Starhub Cable TV or Singtel Mio TV, you'll notice that their campaign, "DAEBAK!" was fronted by none other than our very own CJ Crew! 

In total, there were 4 separate styles used for this campaign!

 photo Daebak-Graduation.jpg  photo Daebak-Proposal.jpg  photo Daebak-Bungee.jpg  photo Daebak-Greenscreen.jpg
Clockwise from Top Left: The Graduation, The Proposal, The Bungee, The Greenscreen

It was a full 2-Day filming process which saw the crew head out to one end of Singapore at 5:30am in the morning, in preparation for the "Proposal" shoot! The CJ Crew was prepped, made up, checked for costumes, before they began recapping and rehearsing their steps!

          Not sure if Pensive or Sleepy...
Daylight hadn't broken yet, so the crew got down to enjoying their breakfast! 

If anyone tells you that the filming process is an easy one, they haven't really done proper filming. When it was time to hit the cameras at daybreak, it came down to a battle of the strongest feet. The scorching heat from the sand, standing unprotected from the weather elements slowly but surely took it's toll on the crew.

If you'd notice them looking charbroiled for a period of time recently, this was the precise reason! The filming on the beach took approximately 8 hours, from 7am in the morning till 3pm, right past when the sun was at its most unforgiving element. 

Big props to the production crew as well who sweltered in the heat alongside us to ensure that they got the best shots every time... despite getting sunburnt like ourselves! 

Click HERE to watch the "Proposal" Video!

Post filming for this scene, the crew was quickly whisked away to their second location for their "Graduation" segment. 

While it was no longer as hot as earlier in the day, having been up and dancing for over 12 hours at this point was tough, to say the least. The crew had to dance several times over, both with and without the graduation gown, with fatigue setting in. Thankfully, once the production crew had gathered all the footage they needed, filming was wrapped up for the day at about 7pm, and we were soon facing a quick night's sleep before our second-day shoot began again!

Click HERE to watch the "Graduation" Video!

Day of filming began, and the crew had to report at 9am to their filming location, all dressed and made up. The killer sun was back once again today, with the only difference being the more padded outfits the crew had to wear today. 

The dancers seemingly couldn't stop sweating, and we had to go in to dab all their sweat in between takes, while being careful not to smudge their make up. 

Thankfully, we managed to get the filming completed, and while a handful got to get a quick rest, a few other were led to film, what this video was themed after: The "Bungee"

Click HERE to watch the "Bungee" Video!

There was only one segment left, and it was left to some of the crew seniors to wrap up filming! A first time for all, they were required to dance in front of a green screen, where the awesomely cool special effects were to be added during a later phase. 

           How special effects begin...
It was a different experience, having danced with a larger group outdoors the past 2 days, to finish up in a more casual, calm setting. Maybe it was the whole green-ess of the room. Plus, outdoor make-up and studio makeup were drastically different, which meant the selected few had to go through another hour or two in the make-up seat.

It was a different sort of pressure having 15-plus production crew members watch 5 individuals dances, knowing any mistake would mean the 15 of them having to do their jobs over again. Despite having a few minor setbacks, the dancers managed to get it together and finally complete the hectic filming schedule. 

While we were initially worried about the end product, we're sincerely thankful for all the personnel involved, from the awesome staff at ONE TV ASIA, who were very patient and kind to us. Also the magic makers from LIGHTS & SHADOWS who helped bring the whole filming to life! 

It was a great experience for the CJ Crew to be involved in a project like this. Thank you everyone for their kind words of support after viewing the videos, and a BIG THANK YOU to ONE TV ASIA for giving us this amazing opportunity!

Till next time~
CJ Family

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