Tuesday, July 16, 2013

[Overseas Training Trip Feature] Sisi in Korea! by Danyella Chrisanty

TeenSupreme winner (Solo Category), Danyella headed to Korea earlier this year! As part of her prize, she won a free plane ticket to Korea (sponsored by Teens magazine) and a sponsored Vocal training package (sponsored by Us!) at Climix Academy - CJ's sister school in Korea! 

Here's her Happy experience!

Korea Vocal Training at Climix Academy
By Danyella Chrisanty ( Sisi )

"I have learnt so much during this special vocal training package from Climix Academy. Even though it was only four days, the lessons were very different to what I have previously done. I found that the lessons from Mr. Kim Hee Soo (김희수 선생님) were much more comprehensive and it worked very well for my type of voice and style of singing.

The staff at Climix Academy were very welcoming. =) From the receptionist, the President of the academy, Mr. Jin Taek Bae and also the Principal of Climix Academy, Mr. Kim George Han (Mr. Kim Jo Han), a very renowned Korean R&B singer. After getting to talk to him, I also found out that he is a very down to earth person. Also not forgetting my translator Ms. Alice Park. They all really made me feel welcome!

Even though it was a little too short (four days!), it was worth it. The recording day, which took place on the last day, was really well prepared and effective. I was given a chance to go through every line smoothly and it was unfortunate that I was having a sore throat that day.

This package was really worth it! I am so glad have been able to study at Climix Academy. Thank you Climix Academy and thank you to everyone who has helped with making training and experience in Korea truly memorable!"

- Sisi

Vocal Trainer Mr. Kim and Danyella

Principal of Climix, Mr. Kim Jo Han and Danyella
Mr. Kim, Danyella and CJ's favourite translator, Ms. Alice!

Thank you Danyella for sharing your lovely experience with us! 

Click HERE for more information about CJ's specialised Overseas Training Programs

We can't wait for the upcoming year-end Overseas Training Trip 2013 to Korea for everyone~! ^_^ 

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