Friday, September 13, 2013


Not able to commit long term to classes, or simply want a course that's more focused and thematic to your needs?

Well, that's what the workshops we'll be launching are here for! Whether is Dance or Vocals, these workshops are set up to help build key foundations in whichever themed course you choose to take!

Now! Come forth and claim your desired skill!

1) INTRO TO HIPHOP [dance]
The 'Intro to Hiphop' course works to introduce to the essential knowledge and skills required to get a good kickstart into dance! 
This class is awesome for individuals who have little to no background in dance, and sometimes for those who have little confidence in moving forward to explore this performing art!
Pick up tips on Rhythm & Beats, skills like Bounces and Isolations, as well as gain confidence in competently executing dance steps!
At only 6 sessions, this course is not meant to overwhelm nor dissuade you from understanding how hard dance can be, but simply to pique your interest!

Without techniques, or the knowledge of how your basic voice clicks together, it's basically like driving blind. Get introduced to techniques that help you support that wavering voice, hit those high notes, and most importantly build a solid foundation thats increases the longevity in your sound!
Truth is, many people don't understand how basic skills help create a stronger, healthier voice, that'd great not only for your singing activities!
This course is catered for beginners who would like to get into the act of singing, or even veteran students who would like to understand how their voice works on a different level!

Feel you sing like a robot? Or are you just unable to get yourself immersed into a song? Well, let the groove maestros here at CJ help you out! 
Learn about skills such as licks and trills, and the art of emoting a song in the most powerful manner!
This course is suggested for singers who have some form of basic singing experience, and would like to take the next step in developing their vocal potential!
Feel the inner musicality in you grow in 4 quick sessions!

Want to take your high notes to the next level? Open up your range and voice to endless possibilities with this workshop! 
Suitable for intermediate level singers who are need a big boost in their vocal ability, this workshop will tap on one of the most sought after, and used techniques by singers worldwide!
Acquire more vocal freedom then ever before, with us!


For more information about or courses, or if you would like to reserve a slot for these workshops, drop us a call at 6254 0702, or e-mail us at right now!

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