Saturday, September 07, 2013

Probably the Saddest Music Videos you haven't seen!

This post is not intended to make you any more emotional than you might be, but I'm a sucker for sad music videos. :(

It's not easy constructing a full story or convey a full set of emotions within 4 - 5 minutes, but boy the following MV really put me to the test. 

Of course, Korean MVs usually offer the emotional roller coaster ride much like their drama and movies, but we'll be looking at songs from other genres and languages as well!

There are simply too many videos that tug at our heartstrings equally, but here are some that had me almost wiping that *ahem* manly-tear. 

Get your tissues ready, especially if you're sensitive like we are over here. :(

If you don't want spoilers before watching the videos, watch them first then! 


Guy meets Girl under weird circumstance. Guy and Girl falls in love. Bad things happen. Full story is revealed. SAD. 
A little cliche, but the song is simply heartbreaking. A love story that was just never meant to be. 


I remember this video as the one being passed around during my school days to see which guy wouldn't pass the tear test. I... didn't... pass...
I guess this is where the stereotypical sad korean storyline stemmed from during its early days. You could see the twist coming from a mile away, but you can help but be enthralled at how it ties together in the end.

AFTER OUR LOVE by PARK HYO SHIN (remember to turn on captions for English Subs)

This one's pretty long by all accounts it was initially broken into 2 parts. The story line is even longer than the song itself! 
Starring the late Park Yong Ha, it drives home an even deeper point. 
Reminiscent of the hollywood flick PS: I LOVE YOU, it begs the question, when someone dies, does love die too? *bawls*. The story is rounded up nicely at the end as well, when everyone goes... AHHHHH...


The first chinese song to make the list, I omitted the overly popular "Tong Hua" because everyone knows that one. Performed by the late Ah Sang, this song and the twist really gets you in the feels. The acting was pretty MEH at first, but Selena of S.H.E fame takes the cake with this one later on. 


You can show me videos of the saddest break ups, the most heartbroken emotions, but when you involve animals into the mix, it's a big no-no for me. NOPE. But I had to watch it, so I could finish up this article for you. 
Bad news: It's based on a true story. :(
Good news: He survives in the end! *throws confetti*


Warning: This one is dark. A lesser known song by our standards, this video takes it up a notch by having a renowned actor helm it's plot. Where animals are concerned, kids too are a huge cross-off on my list when it comes to sad videos. The duality of what's right and wrong are blurred, and when you no longer need words to convey plot points in your story. You know you've hit a home run. 

Well, that was depressing. I should do a post on happy songs next. Happy is good. 

Did we miss out any MVs that were simply too overwhelming to bear? Share them here with us! 


Anonymous said...

Haru Haru by Big Bang!

CJ said...

CJ to Anonymous~

Yes! We love that MV too! But the song is quite upbeat, so we didn't include that this time round. >.<