Thursday, October 17, 2013



After a very exciting earlier trip to Korea in 2011, we'll once again be hitting the heart of Korea for a trip dedicated to awesome training sessions, immense fun, and unforgettable experiences! The details are out, and it's gonna be exciting!

Wanna come fly with us this time round in 2013?

Have an Overseas Training Program with all the works this time round!

The Overseas Package works around providing you with an all round First-Class experience, be it in travelling or training!

Go Crazy with 6 Hours of Vocal Training with our prestigious sister school - Climix Academy! They are the same instructors who act as Vocal Coaches on a certain singing competition on Mnet *wink wink*

Also, cap off your Vocal experience with an Individual Vocal Studio Recording with state of the art equipment and studio! Get to bring your own recording home in a nifty little CD for your collection!

Vocal Class sizes are kept small with about 6 students in each class to ensure everyone gets ample attention from the instructors!

Get an equally insane 6 hours worth of Dance Training with Internationally recognized instructors from Japan and Korea! Did we mention that the Japanese Instructors will be specially flown into Korea to be part of your program?

And yes, they are also the ones who groom, develop and work with your favourite celebrities week in week out! Now it's your turn to work with them in this ultra rare opportunity~!

Guides and Translators will be present throughout your all your training periods to ensure you don't get lost in translation. 

Cap off your training experience with awesome official training certificates provided by the trainers, which will leave you feel proud and accomplished when they hand it over!

We'll treat you well on our Overseas Trips, so rest assured that logistically wise, we've chosen only the more prominent, and *ahem* safer airlines to ensure you feel comfortable on your long flight. [Refer to poster above!]

We'll also make sure you enjoy your stay at a 4-star hotel during your time in Korea! Plus your breakfast will be included so you won't have to worry about going hungry before your training sessions. 

Have we mentioned that you'll be residing in the Gangnam Area? It's basically like the Orchard Area of Korea! 

While they are currently subject to availability  we'll want to make sure you get to have fun and enjoy your time while in Seoul!

There'll definitely be ample shopping time to fulfil all your agendas beyond training, and we're also negotiating for special tours and activities to create a lasting experience for all travellers this year!

*We're currently negotiating for a tour to a TOP Entertainment Company, so stay tuned for that!

It's gonna be a fun one! The Closing Date will be on the 30th October 2013, so do register your slots with us as soon as you can!

All applicants under 18 years of age will be subject to parental consent, as well as the management's consent!


FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]

- Is this program open to anyone?
  Yes! It's open to both students and non-students of CJ! 

- I'm quite a beginner at singing / dancing. Will it affect anything?
 No worries! Classes are scaled down and levelled accordingly! In our past trips, we have also had beginners and more advanced students enjoying classes thoroughly as well!

- I'm interested but not sure if I want to travel without anyone I know!
 Many of the students in the previous years also went solo, and made friends with other participants as well! Plus we have our staff Clement & Carmen to take care of you, so please do not worry! The CJ Crew will be travelling as well, so you'll be able to enjoy various activities together!

A photographic journey of our previous trips!

Read a little bit more about our Overseas Training Programs and see what awaits you right HERE!

We simply can't wait for you to join us!


Please do drop us a call at 6254 0702 or e-mail us at for more information! 

- Celine Jessandra Family


Anonymous said...

How much does the package cost?

CJ to Anonymous said...

Hello! Please do e-mail us at for more details and information!

We'll provide the estimated breakdown for you :)

Anonymous said...

Is meal provided during the flight?

Celine Jessandra said...

Yes! From our knowledge, there will be 1 meal provided for the flight. =)

Anonymous said...

If I can't make it for this trip will there be another one like this in the near future?