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Following our 4th Overseas Sabbatical Training in December, the Instructors here at Celine Jessandra are delighted to be bringing back more awesome techniques, methodologies and perspectives! 

As our singing classes continue to expand, be part of the revolutionary experience as we look to help you reinvent, reignite and rediscover your singing passion!

Find out everything you'll need to know about our vocal curriculum, and see how you can become part of our 2014 movement!

What exactly makes our singing classes different?
At Celine Jessandra, we employ a vocal syllabus guaranteed to set your alarms ringing with in-depth analysis and assured solutions, for all your singing concerns.

Techniques used by International Singers, coupled with solutions for some not-so-good cultural habits, we’re pretty sure we’ve developed the near-perfect syllabus.

With many current students who’ve have plied their learning trade from other various establishments, they’ve sworn by our methods, and we’re certain that it’s a great word-of-mouth recognition for our classes. And it's a growing word-of-mouth at that!
What can I expect to learn?
Here at CJ, we are very proud of our vocal syllabus. It's like chefs having that secret recipe which makes that food tick. 

You’ll be exposed to a myriad of skills, tips and techniques to help overcome your favorite songs. See your range increase by leaps and bounds. Regardless of language, techniques are our key focus, so we don’t just limit you to singing only songs of a particular language!

Of course too, our instructors are well equipped to handle songs in the various languages [ENG / CHI / KOR / JAP] having been under the tutelage of some of the most renowned vocal coaches in the region.

Master the art of manipulating your voice to do exactly what you want, how you want it. With Pop songs getting technically harder and harder over the years, you’ll simply have to understand how your voice operates, and there’s simply no better place to learn these mechanics but here at Celine Jessandra!
It seems Difficult. Will I be able to do it?
Well! Remember that practice makes permanent, so while its essential that you keep conditioning your voice to improve, our instructors will ensure that you’ll be taking home working pointers for each week’s class content!

Having worked with students from varying abilities over the years, we're happy to share that we enjoy a pretty high success rate in curing our students problems, or taking them to the next level in singing

Trust us, and you'll see results in no time!

Now We’ll let them (our students) do the talking!


“Already into my third year with CJ's vocal program, I've found the classes provide so much more than just a complete understanding of singing and the theories behind it. The teachers are professional and classes are fun. I've improved tremendously because of the classes, and after two years - they still manage to surprise me with more to learn. Most importantly though, the lessons at CJ helped me to appreciate and love my own voice.” 
Nicholas Tang

“I never really believed singing could be this easy before I started taking classes at CJ. Thanks to the instructors, I can now hit the high (seemingly impossible) notes, without too much effort! They have really given me the belief to trust in my voice and abilities, which allows me to sing without too much strain or tension. If there’s anywhere you would like to learn to improve your knowledge and skills in singing, it’s got to be at CJ!” 
Eunice Chan

“My learning in CJ is very enjoyable! I learnt to be more confident with myself and also to believe in my voice. Now I’m more daring to perform in front of people and also to let go of my voice. I’ve also been taught techniques that I’ve always wanted to learn when observing people performing on stage. I finally got the chance to experience and learn the techniques and I like my voice even more now. The instructor is sincere in teaching and I can feel his passion to teach us well!"
– Teo Kai Yuan

“Joining Celine Jessandra School of Performing Arts (CJ) is the one of the best choices that I have made! The overall learning experience is greatly enhanced by professional and dedicated instructors. In addition, students get to perform at Open Mic Nights and CJ Concerts. These awesome platforms allow students to showcase what they have learnt in class. Savour the magical moments and your first step to stardom starts here at CJ ~ ♥♥♥” 
Brenda Fang

“I've always wanted to sing well (and at the very least not embarrass myself during karaoke sessions with friends!), so I am glad that I enrolled for the CJ Basic Level Vocal Course. Learning at CJ School is intense and fun at the same time. The course has helped me correct bad singing habits I picked up through the years I always look forward to the next session with my instructor and course mates, and to see and hear my fellow course mates improve at every session.” 
Clifford Au




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