Thursday, April 24, 2014


If you've been catching up on our CJ videos recently, you'll notice that we've been using this nifty little device called the Canon Legria Mini!

We've been given the pleasure of getting our hands on one, thanks to our amazing friends over at Canon, and what better way to show what it can do, than putting it to the test!

Plus! Since the awesome folks at Canon have given us a set to give away to our followers here at CJ, it'd be great to share the features you can expect handling this gadget!

the LEGRIA mini up-close

Weighing in at a very portable 180g, it's designed to be extremely portable, ready for our immediate filming needs. Fitting in snuggly into the palm of our hands, it makes longer filming less tiresome, and definitely more efficient!

As you can see, the LEGRIA mini films in FULL-HD, which enables crystal clear images and clips. 

Filming takes place via a very, and I repeat, very cool ultra wide-angle lens, which means we could comfortably capture the width or our studio, with room to spare! It lends a slightly surreal viewing perspective with definitely looks way cooler than we'd initially thought. Both photos and video function can enjoy this function we must add!

The LEGRIA min propped and ready for self filming

What truly makes the LEGRIA great for dancers like ourselves, is that it allows you to easily prep for self-filming. With a simple flip of the LCD screen, you can perfect formations and placement freely. 

The little prop stand at the bottom also creates varying filming angles, and allows for a truly hands-free filming process. 

Viewing your final dance product is also a rather easy process, with an available HDMI output. This means we could easily plug it in to our TV, and see exactly how it looks on the big screen. Great convenience for those who require multiple takes and frequent checks!

Lastly, save the hustle by immediately uploading your video via any WI-FI hotspots and see it on Youtube, or Facebook, just like that! 

Verdict: We've loved our time using the LEGRIA mini, and can foresee ourselves using it for a considerable time. If you love videoing dance routines, singing covers, then it's a must-have in your inventory.


If you're interested in getting your hands on your own Canon LEGRIA mini, e-mail us at for more details!

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