Monday, June 02, 2014


Forced to take a break from classes with exams just round the corner? Fret not, for we now have affordable Holiday workshops planned just for you!

With our brand new K-Street curriculum, MV workshops and Vocal workshops, there's no shortage of what you can join!

Over a month away, schedule them to fit around your travelling or play schedule and come join us this June!

If you've always wanted to build a stronger foundation for dance, this one's gonna be suitable for you! Learn to apply and execute the foundational techniques with our instructor, Jojo!

Get in touch with the various genres such as Hiphop, Lyrical and even Street Jazz, and explore the styles and their differences!

The K.Street (previously known as Korean Hip Hop) Introductory Class! Only $88 per pax for a total of 6 hours across 2 days!

Is singing more of your thing? Explore the basic concepts and terminology required for good singing. 

Understand how your voice works, and gain new insights about what makes your voice tick! Students can participate via engaging exercises that allows for easier applications of concepts taught!

Similar to the awesome workshop style classes we've been conducting across our various school tours, worksheets will be provided for all students!

Only $98 per pax for 6 hours of classes across 2 days!

Have you been missing out a lot on our K-Pop MV classes due to school commitments? Well, now you will be able to learn many of the best parts of the following songs!

Mr Mr
Boy In Luv
Ringa Linga
Come Back Home
I Got A Boy
What's Your Name
Nu Abo

Songs are not exclusive nor limited to this list! If you've always wanted to learn the awesome choreography you've seen in the MV, but never had the chance to, now's the time!

Only $78 per pax for the total of 6 hours!


10% off the total bill will be given if you sign up for more than 1 workshop! ^^

Come join us to have some crazy fun before you get shuffled back to your busy schedules at school!

For more information about the classes, call us at 6254 0702, or email to today!

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