Friday, May 23, 2014

The Pioneer SE-MX9 : A look at the Superior Club Sound Range

A sound enthusiast, I love myself a good pair of headphones or earphones, whichever helps deliver THE MOST satisfying listening experience. 

Today, we're going to look at the Pioneer SE-MX9 series and see how it lives up to its billing of delivering the 'Superior Club Sound'.

Aimed towards lovers of dance music, the SE-MX9 serves as the flagship model, and they come in a series of eye-catching colours, namely Bright Silver, Bright Copper and Indigo Black. 

Alternatively, you can also look towards the SE-MX7 series for more variations of colours including Matte White, Matte Black, Matte Blue, and Matte Orange.

The matte metallic finish definitely adds to the stylish factor, which provides serves as a bonus in using it on the go. Constructed in sturdy aluminium, it definitely looks and feels solid enough to deliver its promise of a powerful bass experience. 

DESIGN: The SE-MX9 definitely has a nice stylish look to it, which thankfully doesn't look clunky, plastic-ish or generic. Certainly a big plus in our books!

The SE-MX9 focuses on its performance, and features two newly designed 50mm drivers. As a result, this allows for a richer, more layered sound, enabling greater clarity and detail in your music. 

Another amazing aspect to the SE-MX9 is that it is able to recreate the bass impact you'd expect to only feel on a dancefloor. This lends for a totally unique and immersive sound scape that I haven't really experienced in a long time. 

If you're also into other forms of music that are less bass intensive , the SE-MX9's treble doesn't fail to disappoint with intricate clarity in the vocals. 

PERFORMANCE: The SE-MX9 does indeed do what it says. You can pick up every individual vibration to a T, which it does brilliantly at that. 

The SE-MX9 comes with a series of accessories such as 2 cables of varying lengths (tangle-free as well!), with controls for apple devices. They also come with additional adaptors for in-plane use during your trips!  


What better way to test them out than right here at CJ the next time you're around! With a special booth set up through the month of June, plug it up and see, or hear for yourself what the SE-MX9 can do! 

This series is not yet available in stores at time of review, but you can try them out exclusively at Celine Jessandra for now!

The amazing people at Pioneer has very graciously thrown in a pair of Headphones ($399) and Earphones ($399) - which we'll also review soon) as giveaways to our very awesome students and followers! Details coming soon!

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