Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Say Goodbye to your Extra Pounds! Zumba with Celine Jessandra!

Eager to shed some pounds but just can’t get going to the gym? Want to keep fit, but realising running is just not your thing? Well, get the next best thing in the form of ZUMBA at Celine Jessandra this July! 

A vigorous cardio dance exercise featuring upbeat Latin Music, a single Zumba fitness session can burn an average 600 to 1000 calories! A 60-minute run on the other hand burns only 350 calories. 

A mixture of many different dance genres including hip-hop, salsa, martial arts, etc. It aids your improvement in coordination and balance, so you no longer feel klutzy when you dance! 

Clinically proven as a method to curb depression, Zumba serves as the perfect stress-relieving activity if you lead a the very busy lifestyle of a typical career woman! More of a couch potato yourself? It’s time to give your muscles a great workout with Zumba! 

Conscious of your age? 
No worries for Zumba doesn’t discriminate! From kids to adults in their 50s, Zumba is loved and practiced by all individuals! Be it shedding some extra kilos, keeping fit, de-stressing, or if you simply love to dance, Zumba is the one for you! 

With nothing to lose (but calories – YAY!), you’ll no longer feel nauseous at the thought of going for a boring runs or a gym visits in your bid to stay fit! 

Feeling like you need a great workout once in awhile or would just like to try out how Zumba is like? We're now offering you to be able to take single sessions! ;)

Why pay over the odds for gym sessions, or aerobic classes when you can pick up a new skill, have endless fun while paying a lower price in the process? It’s a no brainer! Hesitate no more, and come join us for a brand new exciting experience! 


Interested in the class above? Well, simply drop us a call at 6254 0702, or e-mail to singanddance@celinejessandra.com now to reserve your slots!

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