Friday, June 06, 2014

Introducing the Brand New Street Jazz Series Workshops!

An increasingly popular dance style enjoyed by all, Street Jazz is a fusion of both the Hiphop and Jazz genres. 

This dance emphasizes on precision, execution and sharpness, through the use of contemporary pop songs. Combining more traditional jazz techniques with the edginess and dynamism of Hiphop dance, you will experience a high-octane dance routine that greatly improves your musicality and energy! 

Move and groove to electrifying pop numbers from Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Adam Lambert amongst others, and unleash the inner diva in yourself!
Built into a 6-session program, the introductory course will take place every Thursdays 7pm, commencing on the 10th of July

Come experience this brand new dance style right here at CJ with our instructor Jacklyn, who has amassed a wealth of experience in both traditional and contemporary dance styles! Check out her video above! You won’t wanna miss this!

Interested in the class above? Well, simply drop us a call at 6254 0702, or e-mail to now to reserve your slots!

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