Thursday, August 21, 2014

[WIN!] The Canon LEGRIA Mini! Photo-taking Competition!

WIN the amazing Canon Legria Mini! The revolutionary portable wide-lens camera for the ever-moving dancer! 

Capture your dance or singing moments anytime, anywhere with the Canon Legria Mini! A nifty portable device we've been using for our recent videos, the lightweight wide angle camera will become an integral part in your music journey!

Get your hands on your very own Legria Mini today as we launch our 2nd Legria Giveaway Competition! Find out how to win below!


Just 3 simple steps!

1) Take a photo each of these emotions; "HAPPY(ε–œ)", "ANGRY(ζ€’)", "SAD(ε“€)", "FUN(乐)", then combine into a photo collage!

2) Email your photo collage and include a one-liner on what makes you happy along with your Name, Contact Number to!

3) We will be collating and posting your photos up onto our Official Facebook Page, where photos with the highest like will walk away the winner!

*Email your photo collage to us by 9th SEPTEMBER.
**The photos will be posted on our FB page on 10th SEPTEMBER, then... it's time to get your family and friends to 'LIKE' it!
***LIKES will be officially counted on 17th SEPTEMBER, where we'll then announce the winner!

*Terms & Conditions 
1) Winner must be residents of Singapore
2) Winner must be able to collect the prize at our studios
3) Entries that do not include their Name and Contact No. will be disqualified automatically
4) Entries after 9th September will not be accepted
4) All entrants must have fun while taking part in this competition!

- CJ Family

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