Tuesday, September 02, 2014

CJ Students , Our STARS who Shine.

"Everyone's a Star,
and deserves a chance to Shine~
-Marilyn Monroe 

A happy bunch! ^^

As you might have seen on our various social medias, the students of CJ recently took to the stage on 24th August 2014, Sunday, for the event 'GIVING' - Gift of a Lifetime !

With plenty of students stepping up and coming together to sing and dance for this charity event, we had an amazing 60 performers in total for this showcase!

These student performers, and of course our little ones from our dear Kids' class (we love ya!) trained and practiced relentlessly with the guidance of their trusty instructors, JHung, Joanna and Riana for over a month!

Our K-Pop MV dance student performers

It was awesome seeing our students, who surprised us with their dedication, passion and big big hearts! They bonded well, helped each other out (a lot!), and practised loads in their free time to ensure they were ready for the stage!

Someone call the doctor~

We would like to thank each and everyone of you for all the effort in making it happen!
Even though the rehearsals were mostly held on weeknights which meant most of them trudged to the studio after a long day of work or school, nonetheless, our students came with bright smiles and great energy!

Witnessing them being happy and excited, warmed our hearts as well. :)

                                                Rehearsals~ Rehearsals~ Rehearsals~

Student, Clara doing her stretching. Cameo: Lindy & Fiona ^^


Our future Stars!


A cheer before going up on stage!

Friends who dance together, stay together!

And finally... SHOWTIME!

The crowd started coming in once the performance got underway! v

This was the very first performance experience for all our kids! Such a special day for our first-timers and a meaningful one too! 
They captured the hearts of the audiences and we are so proud of them! :)

I'm trapped~

Our vocal students - Alicia and Xinli, with a song from Davichi 다비치 "Don't Say Goodbye"!

The Finale Dance Medley~

All our students picked up dance at different times, and it was truly inspiring to witness their coming together on stage spurred by something so pure and simple - Passion. :)

 "Live In Your World. Dream In Ours."

Take a step out of reality and join us at CJ to live the Dream. 

47 Dancers . 11 Kids . 2 Singers. 1 Dream.
We Sing. We Dance. We Love. - Celine Jessandra

And with that, we at Celine Jessandra are happy to announce the launch of our student Guild - SORA

A community guild specially developed for students at Celine Jessandra, live out your dreams through performing and connecting with others who share your passion! Things have never been more exciting as a CJ student! 

Time to let your passion and talent soar! 

For more information, please visit the tab under SORA GUILD, or simply click the link HERE!

Lotsa Love, 

CJ Family. 

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